Thursday, December 18, 2008

Treadmill Effort Conversion Charts

A couple days ago some one posted the comment I have cut and pasted below asking about a treadmill effort chart. I was in a rush glanced at it, and basically answered that it was very similar to the jack daniels chart. First for my excuses, I didn’t have the daniels one in front of me, and I was looking a colum over from where I though I was, ie I was thinking I was looking at the 12% grade it was in fact only 10%. This chart below is totally out of control! I’m not sure about the slower paces but I was able to hold the 5minute effort for exactly 58 seconds. All out! I’m sorry!! So I figure I’ll do a blog on treadmill conversion charts and what I think of them. This blog isn't allowing that comment, cut and pasted so if you want to see it just look at trackshark, but the point is hillrunner blog's chart was way off, 5:00 effort according to his chart was my allout for 58 seconds, since I ran sub 4:20 solo last weekend for a mile I'm saying that is not so.

Ok now I’m going to try and recreate the daniels chart but I’m not sure I’ll be able to because posting these blogs sometimes moves things around which is a disaster for a chart. But there is a cut out of the daniels chart at ,

You need to scroll down a bit but it is easy enough to find.

Now today after my 55 seconds at hillrunners 5 minute pace I went in and quickly found the above web page and went back to the treadmill to do my workout at the Daniel prescribed pace/incline. But my brain apparently wasn’t working so hot and or I just can’t read a chart to save my life, but I thought I was supposed to do 7.5 mph at a 9.9% grade for 4:59 mile effort. But that was actually supposed to be 9.9 mph at a 7.5% grade. Finding that the treadmill I was on increased grade by .5% only I did 7.4 mph at 10% grade for 20 mins. My quads were screaming but aerobically I thought it felt about right, maybe a bit hard but not too bad. Here comes the problem. According to daniels 7.5mph at a 10% grade is 4:13 mile effort! Now I’m a person who believes he is capable of much more then he has done but there is no way on Gods green earth I threw down the equivalent of 20 mins(4.75 miles) at 4:13 mile pace. A workout that would indicate I was ready for something in the range of 26:12 for a 10k. K.B. watch your back!!

So where does this leave us? I’m not real sure. I am certain that hill runners chart is way off and I’m certain that Daniels is equally off in the other direction. I’m very surprised at the latter because he usually does very thorough research on his stuff, in this case I guess he did not.

So if anyone has any treadmill charts that fit some place in between please post your link, or chart here. I will start doing some searching and do the same. In the meantime I’m going to stick with trying to go as long as I can at 7.4mph/10% grade and figure it is close to 5:00 effort.