1999 Races

2nd- 2 miles- track- 1st place- 10:21- Marlboro hs?
         1000yds- track- 1st place- 2:34.8

9th- 2 miles- track- 1st in heat, 6th overall- 9:57- State Coaches, Reggie Lewis, Roxbury, MA
        800m leg on 4x800 in 2:12

10th- mile- track- 5th place- 4:36- Sugarloaf AC All comers at Smith College, Northampton, MA
        3000m- track- 4th place- 9:20.8

16th- 2mile- track- 1st place- 10:28- Marlboro Hs
          mile- track- place?- 5:01

30th- 2 mile- track- 10:28
         1000yd- track- 2:35.3 Marlboro Hs?

6th- 2miles- track- 2nd place- time?- South HS?
      400 on 4x400- time?

14th- mile- track- 9th place- 4:46- Mass State D4 champs, Roxbury, MA
         400 on 4x400 split 59.4


14th- mile- 4:36.9- place?, Sugarloaf AC all comers at Smith College, Northampton, MA
         3000m- 9:38 place?

8th- 2 mile- track- 1st place- 10:42, location?
       mile- track- 1st place- 5:01

13th- 2 mile- track- 2nd place- 10:20, Winchendon, Ma
         800m- track- 1st place- 2:07.9

15th- 2 mile- track- 1st place- 10:06, location?
          mile- track- 1st place- 4:55

27th- 2 mile- track- 1st place- 10:03- location?
         mile- track- 1st place- 4:46


1st- mile on DMR- 4:37- 2nd place- district class relays, St. Johns Shrewsbury, MA
       800m on 4x800- 4th place- 2:08 split

7th- 2mile- 1st place- 9:54- Groton, MA

11th- 2 mile- 1st place- 10:05- location?
         mile- 1st place- 4:50

15th- mile- 4th place- 4:32.2- District Class Meet, Nashoba HS
         800m on relay, 2nd place, 2:10.5

25th- 2 mile- 1st place- 10:02- location?
          mile- 3rd place- 4:51

29th- 2 mile- 3rd place- 9:47.9- District Meet, Shrewsbury, MA
         800m on relay, 2:11


5th- 2mile- 3rd in heat 12th overall-9:49.06, Mass All State Championships, Northampton, MA


17th- 5 mile- 7th?- 25:21 (downhill)- Watchusett to Watchusett, Princeton, MA


12th- 5k- XC- 1st place- 16:19- UML alumni meet, Chelmsford, MA

19th- 5 miles- XC- 2nd place- 26:33- St. Anslems Meet, NH

25th- 5 miles- XC- 11th or 31st place? 27:37- Codfish bowl? Tufts Farm course, Westborough, MA


9th- 5 miles- XC- 19th place, 27:17, Keene State meet, NH

15th- 8k- XC- 83rd place- 25:59, All New England Collegiate Championships, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

23rd- 8k- XC- 7th place- 25:32- Conference Championship, Connecticut?


7th- 10k- XC- 32nd place, 32:47- NCAA D2 East Regional Championships, Franklin Park, Boston, MA

25th- 5 miles- road- 1st place- 25:27- Gardner to Baldwinville Turkey Trot, MA


4th- 3000m- track- 1st place- 8:59.6- Williams College Meet, Williamstown, MA

11th- 5000m- track- place?- 15:36?- Tufts College meet, Medford, MA

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