Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Training log June 18 to 24

Monday Early PM woods 9, 59:05, easy tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ Gary, 35:09 tot. 9

Tuesday AM 4.5 w/up 36 mins, couple of strides, 17k on tewksbury track at 95% goal mp,
54:38(major splits 16:10 5k, 32:12 10k, 48:13 15k, 51:26 10m, 4.5 cool down
34:22 tot. 20
PM 45:47 w/ shannon at mines falls tot. 5

Wednesday PM woods 20 easy, 2:15:25 tot. 20

Thursday AM woods 9, 1:00:03, solo, full drills after tot. 9
PM duff five plus shakeout, 38:39, tot. 5+

Friday AM Duff five plus shakeout, 5+, 39:38 tot. 5
PM 5k plus w/up, strides ect... race andover days 5k, rolling loop course, 1st place cr,
14:31 (splits 4:48.9, 9:39.8(4:50.9), 14:09.5(4:29.7)) 3+ cool down tot. 10

Saturday PM trail 1:00:53 at Quabin res. solo easy tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 22 in tewks, 2:30:52, ran easy then did last mile at mp or so, 5:03

Summary 119 miles for the week. One good but not great workout and one good race. I really wanted to go 20k for the tempo run but muscularly it got real tough. Aerobically it felt real good. I was happy with the race.

Quote of the week "It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them. "
John Steinbeck, East of Eden, Chapter 13, Part II

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

training June 11 to 17

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:00:56, started w/ Gary and Mark Garcia, strides after tot. 10

Tuesday AM 3 w/up strides, 2x3k w/ a 3:00 800m for rest windy and hot, 9:19, 9:13. Had
planned on going faster and continueing to cut down and doing more but the heat
really got me, 3 cool down tot. 11
PM 3 w/up 11x 15sec. hills jog down plus rest, went better then last time but still not
recovering great from these things, 3 cool down tot. 7

Wednesday AM trail 9 at mines falls, no time tot. 9

Thursday PM rd. and tar path 6 in Peoria, IL. hot hot, 40:50, a few strides after tot. 6++

Friday AM Jogged steamboat course and added on a bit w/ hansons and former hansons guys,
full drills after tot. 5

Saturday AM 20 min w/up with Mario Macias, strides jogging drills ect. race Steamboat 4 mile,
11th place, 18:50 splits (4:35, 9:13(4:37), 14:00(4:46), 4:50 last mile, 20 min
w/down tot. 11
PM 45:04 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot.6

Sunday AM 1:07:26 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot. 9
PM travel home

Summary 69 miles, one shitty workout, one decent race. It was real hot and the pace just kept picking up, I got dropped just before 2 miles from the lead pack and fought my way in. I had really hoped to run about 18:30, but with the heat and the day I had I'm ok with it. I got a couple of real good scalps but not ending up in the top 10 was real disappointing. It was real hot in Peoria, the humidity wasn't too bad but it was 92 plus every day and it didn't cool off too much at any point in the day.

Quote of the week "Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty
dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the
real murderers." Victor Hugo Les Miserables (p. 27)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Training June 4 to 10

Monday AM 1:03:53 solo at Maudsly state park in the rain, tot. 9+
PM woods 5 w/ gary in rain, shakeout, 36:35 tot. 5

Tuesday AM 3 1/4 w/up few strides, 10k easy tempo on the track 32:27, (3:15.5, 6:31.2, 9:45.4,
12:59.8, 16:14.3, 19:28.1, 22:42.2, 25:56.9, 29:12.3, 32:27.0) very hot would have
liked to do 15k but i was getting dehydrated and it wouldn't have stayed easy if i had
gone on, 3 1/2 c/down tot. 13
PM trail 5 shakeout in tewksbury w/ shannon, 42:03 tot. 5

Wednesday AM woods 9, easy solo, 58:45, full drills after tot. 9
PM woods 5 solo shakeout, 38:58 tot. 5
XT drills

Thursday AM 4 solo shakeout, 27:59 tot. 4
PM 3 1/2 w/up a ton of strides, jogging ect.. (race started late), race hollis fast 5k 1st
place, 13:46 cr, led from gun, but did get passed by a run away horse, splits
(4:26.9, 8:48.7(4:21.8), 13:19.9(4:31.2). down hill course all together 3 1/2
c/down tot. 11+

Friday AM woods 10, 1:12:16 w/ mark garcia easy tot. 12
PM trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon 41:54 in tewksbury tot. 5
XT some hamstring exercises

Saturday PM 3- w/up strides ect... race high performance meet 5k, 1st place, 14:20.60 led from
gun(Nelson laux led 4th lap). Splits kilo's(2:51.8, 5:45.5(2:53.7), 8:38.4(2:52.9),
11:30.3(2:51.9), 14:20.4(2:50.1) miles(4:35, 9:13, 13:47) 3+ c/down w/ shannon
tot. 10

Sunday AM road and trail 18 easy, 2:05:07 tot. 18

Summary 104 miles for the week, 1 easy w/o, two decent races. This week i have the steamboat 4 mile in peoria. I would feel a lot better if I had popped a 14:0's 5k going in but i'm fit so I'm excited. I'd like to run under 18:30, its a tough course and it will be hot but it will also be very competitive. I really blew it in the last competitive race I ran (moonlight) but i think I can run sub 14 through 3 miles just hanging on and feel pretty good, then i'll just have to finish this time. I'll keep things pretty low key this week but I am going to do a pretty good w/o on tuesday.

Quote of the week " I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do." ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 11, spoken by the character Atticus

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

training May 28 to June 3

Monday AM trail 9 at mine falls solo, no time easy tot. 9
PM rd. and trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 41:01 tot. 5

Tuesday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 58:44 tot. 9
PM trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 40:09 tot. 5

Wednesday off bad stomach bug, up all night, up all day

Thursday AM woods 9, easy no time, full drills after tot. 9
XT full drills

Friday AM woods 4 shakeout, 30:42, stomach bad tot. 4
PM 5k w/up strides ect... race Moonlight 5k in New Milford Ct. 8th place, 1st American,
14:21 (rolling course) splits (4:30, 9:07) let it go a bit the last mile I was separated
from the lead pack and frustrated. 3 cool down w/ shannon tot. 10+

Saturday AM rd. and trail, 9 in Tewksbury, 1:01:53 tot. 9
PM trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:00, some light springing after, my right Achilles
was a bit tight. tot. 5

Sunday AM 3 w/up with Gary, strides ect... race Rhody 5k in Lincoln RI, 4th place, 2nd
American, 14:33, splits 4:40.9, 9:23.3(4:42.4), 14:00.5(4:37.2) 28 minute cool down
with Martin Fagan, Pat Tarpy, John Mortimer, Marc Carroll and a whirlaway guy
who's name I don't remember tot. 11

Summery, 76 miles for the week, thanks to the stomach bug. No workouts, thanks to the stomach bug, two races both under my old 5k road pr. Honestly I was happy with sundays race I was tired but they were too but those guys simply are better then me over 5k and I'm ok with that but I ran competitively and got a good effort out of my self. the finish seems slow but there were two sharp awkward turns a funky steep 10 foot uphill and the soft dog track to deal with after the 3 mile mark so on a normal course it would have been 3 or 4 seconds faster, also that course, though it changes a bit every year, down at rhody is always slow, it looks fast and flat but it is always deceiving in that way. The race on friday was faster on a course that was probably about the same speed give or take as rhody but I was real frustrated with it because I didn't stay tough. I got right into the lead pack of 15 or so off the gun and ran a 4:30 on the uphill first mile then handled the turn around and a tough little uphill in the second mile and was dropped off the disintegrating pack but only a second or so from the next guy up and 6 or so off Nyariki in the lead. But I just gave up and didn't push in. If I had I think I would have caught 6th and 7th. That would have given me a 14:0's time and got me Pat Cheriuyot's scalp, he ran 45:00 for 10 miles this may at broad st. thats the fastest time ever run on american soil. So though it was the faster race I got less out of myself and so found it disappointing. Still both races were better then last week.