Sunday, August 28, 2016

Training August 22 to 28, 2016

Monday AM Bikram yoga
               PM 4.4 miles of run 4mins walk 1min, 33mins.

Tuesday AM Bikram yoga
                PM 3.1 miles of run 4mins walk 1min, 22mins

Wednesday nothing of note

Thursday PM 4.4 miles of run 4mins walk 1min, 32mins

Friday AM Bikram yoga
             PM 5.7 miles of run 4mins walk 1min, 41mins

Saturday nothing of note did help my brother in law move.

Sunday AM 8miles of run 4mins walk 1min, 57mins.

Summary  yup if I don't start doing some real training soon this is going to get pretty boring….  I did keep up with the auxiliary exercises daily.  Work starts this week in earnest after a few days of training and a few more of setting up my classroom last week.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Training??? Week of August 15 to 21, 2016

  I have to start with a bit of Olympic talk.  It has been amazing as someone who started competitive running in the 1990's to see the current state of US distance running is amazing.  Again and again you heard and read about how Americans would never win Olympic medals again. We couldn't compete with the Africans.  Look at us now!  It isn't just the medals either.  The women in the Marathon, 3 in the top 10! Top 10 in the Olympics is the real deal.  Jared Ward, largely viewed as the 'other guy' on the marathon team gets a 6th in the marathon in a field with a dozen or so sub 2:07 men running 2:11:30 in 72 degrees with 94% humidity.  That is real racing!  From top of the team to the bottom it is amazing how far we have come.

  Ok my running or lack there of…

Monday- bikram yoga 90mins

Tueday- bikram yoga 90mins.  One 2.2 mile run of 4mins jogging 1min walking, 15:22 total time

Wednesday nothing of note

Thursday bikram yoga 90mins, one 3.1 mile run of 4mins jogging 1min walking, 22:36

Friday bikram yoga 90mins

Saturday 30mins of 4mins jogging 1min walking around phillips fields

Sunday Nothing of note

 Other than that each day I do 25 to 35 mins of exercises to help with injury recovery.  Each days set are different and they range from stretches, to body weight strength stuff, to drills, to mashing(self massage with a lacrosse or accumobility ball).

  Hope you're running more than me!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Where I've been and where I'm going.

  I finished out the spring training well and feeling upbeat about my slow but steady improvement.  I had an awful 5k at the BAA 5k but the workouts were coming along and I expected things to start to look up.
  I also began working with Anna Willard, yes the former world #2 in the 800m and Olympic steeple chaser, on changing my muscular system and form through a very involved system of exercises, massages and stretches in hopes of fixing the coordination.  Now obviously anytime you do something that is going to change your form it comes with a huge risk of injury.  I knew this going in but decided to push on because what I really want is to race marathons again and without change that wasn't going to happen.

  After a couple of months I was starting to see some changes in my form.  Coordination was about the same but my flat 100m sprints before workouts were getting much faster.  In fact some of the fastest I have ever done.  However this increased speed was not coming from an even change in my form and I got hurt in mid may.  I felt a pain on a workout in my low butt/ high back of leg area.  It was quite sore on my run the next day.  On that Sunday I raced the Travs Trail 3 mile.  One of my favorite races. I was in a good bit of pain on the warm up but decided that I would gut it out and take a few days off after.

  It turned out to be a lot more than a few days.  I could barely walk for a week.  MRI's would reveal that I had caused a stress fracture at the base of the pelvis where the hamstring attaches.  This would be pretty slow to heal.  During this time I continued to do the exercise from Anna and continue to work towards fixing the coordination problem.

  I have started to jog a little bit over the last couple of weeks but I'm a long way from any real training. I'm also starting a new job in a week or so and am more than a little worried about how I'm going to fit everything in.  I want to get back to a reasonable training level, for me about 100 miles a week plus or minus about 20 miles.  I also spend about 30 minutes a day on the new exercises. I try to go to a 90 minute yoga class once or twice a week, an hour exercise session with Anna each week and an hour of treatment with her associate Brad each week.  This combined with writing lesson plans for a whole new curriculum, and doing the normal test corrections and day to day homework associated with teaching and you can see how I'm a bit nervous about trying to get through the day with enough time to make a healthy dinner and find enough hours of sleep to actually absorb the work I'm doing.

  As it is I don't have the most exciting life. Basically my social interaction with the world beyond Melissa and Uta is Facebook and Twitter. But one thought I have for how to get more done is to quit both of those.  So I think I'll start firing out the blog because the comment section at least gets me a little bit of a window into the rest of the world but it isn't as easy to lose 30mins mindlessly scrolling.

  I hope you are all well. I hope your running has been and is currently going better than mine.