Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Walking My Way Back to You!

   The last couple of weeks were crazy with the finish of school.  For me that is a series of long field trips and evenings at school to which I added a couple of physical therapy appointments each week.  P.T. itself doesn't take up too much time but for insurance reasons the place I'm going to is about 50 minutes from my work and about 30mins from my house which means when I had an appointment afterschool I wasn't getting home unti fairly late.  At least late for a guy who leaves for work a bit before 7am.   The main focus of my exercise has been the physical therapy exercises which are still SUPER basic and easy.  I mean I literally was doing the same exercise as the seventy something women next to me, and she was doing a bit better than me! 

  The big thing for me has been that I have been able to start walking a good bit.  I do a two mile walk every morning and in the last few days I have been able to sneak in a 2nd walk of one to two miles as well.  Beyond that I have been getting in 30 minutes on the elitigo most days.

  I'm still weak but coming along very quickly.  I get to really up my cross training and start some very short jogging in another couple weeks and I'm super excited for that!  Hoping your training is going well.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

No More Crutches!

  This week was dedicated mostly to weening off the crutches.  I was doing a bit of very short walking early in the week and puting a lot of wieght on the leg when using the crutches as well as doing some exercises to help me stop limping.  By mid week I could walk without a limp and the surgeon gave the OK to ditch the crutches as long as I could walk without limping.  I'm slow as cold molasses but I'm getting around.  I was also able to start doing some light work on the eliptigo. 

  Unfortunetly I had a bunch of very long days at school which with the extra walking and wieght baring was about all my leg could handle so I only did a bit of bike and eliptigo.  Walking up this morning, saturday, I feel profoundly stronger so I think it was the right call to do the extra walking at work and sacrifice the bike work a bit but it still makes me feel pretty lazy. 

  The most exciting thing in my week was watching the NCAA's.  Just crazy how good kids across events are.  I think the wide spread availability of great coaching info is the key to the boom in performance over the last 20 years but it is just awesome to see and I am willing to bet that particularly in the high school and college ranks it is only going to get better.  The meet was crazy!  Two guys sub 44 in the 400m, a 47.02 in the 400m hurdles, there are multiple sub 10 100m men this year.  Like 6 women were under the old meet record for the 10k which had stood for 30 years or so.   Really it was so much fun just to geek out as a fan on this.  That said the announcing was cringeworthy.  How they can't get someone who has done just a little research and can call a race I don't know.  Dwight Stones knows his stuff but isn't any good for calling a race and the rest of them well, lets say I was not impressed.
  Hope you had a great week.  I have a crazy one coming up with LONG field trip days and some after school activities but then things settle down and I should be really rolling.