Sunday, July 29, 2007

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ok so i'm moving my blog again this time to I'm going to do a full post for it tomorrow for that site but i'm not sure how long it will take to get up so i'll put this past week up below(no quotes or extra's though) and a full post on trackshark. thanks for checking in and I hope that this trackshark thing will workout, if not I'll be back here at a later date I guess.

training July 23 to 29

Monday AM got ART and chiro adjustment
PM rd. 20 at roughly 80% marathon pace, first 10, w/ garcia on methuen road loop and second 10 on lake loop 10 solo, 1:56:28, hamstring was bad need to see someone better about this tot. 20

Tuesday AM 9 solo at mines falls, easy, 59:11 tot. 9
PM 8 shakeout w/ shannon at mines falls, started w/ uml crew tot. 8
XT 2x50m springing, 2x50m bounding, 5x50m str. leg bounding after shakeout

Wednesday AM 3 w/up 20k on tewks track at bit faster then 90% mp, 1:07:38 (34:00 at 10k),
it was pretty warm out, 1 and a half miles w/down tot. 17
2PM 19min w/up 12x15 second hills at christian hill in lowell, 19 min w/down tot. 8
6pm 5+ shakeout w/ shannon on tewks trails tot. 5

Thursday AM rd. and trail 9 solo in tewks, 1:01:02 tot. 9
PM duff 5 w/ gary, 36:22, bunch of bounding stuff, duff 5 solo, 34:45 tot. 10
XT 2x70 m springing, 2x70m bounding, 5x70m str. leg bounding, 2x hill springing,
2x hill bounding

Friday AM rd. and trail 9 in tewks solo, 1:01:24, tot. 9
PM trail 10 shake in tewks, first 5 w/ shannon, 1:20:54 tot. 10

Saturday AM workout in Keene, nh w/ Mark Miller, josh ferenc, w/up w/ Mary Proulx, shannon and Mary's coach who I thought was named chris anderson?? but shannon says was named eric something so did not do a good job on that. w/up little less then 3 miles did strides and a 200 in 35 to loosen up then did threshold on the track alt leads between me josh and mark every 800m josh stayed up just past 2 miles, mark stayed up till he kicked by me w/ 1 lap to 8k which is how far he wanted to go, he ran a bit under 24:00, I went 10k in 30:05.8 josh and mark jumped back in w/ 800 to go, mark stayed in 400, josh the full 800 splits(3:00.3, 6:00.3(3:00.0), 8:59.4(2:59.4), 12:01.8(3:02.4), 15:01.9(3:00.2), 18:03.4(3:01.5), 21:02.8(2:59.4), 24:03.2(3:00.4), 27:06.2(3:03.0), 30:05.8(2:59.6)) rained pretty good the whole time, we ran on the monadnock hs track, very new very nice, honestly felt pretty good through 8k but like shit after that. i'm happy with the workout but not thrilled. 27:28 c/down tot. 12+
PM in keene still, little less then 3 w/up, 15x13 second hills, little less then 3 c/down(w/up and c/down w/ mark miller) 1:00:24 total running time tot.8-

Sunday AM rd. and trail 27 easy in tewks, 3:03:05, took water because it was warm (84) and a bit humid, tot. 27
PM rd. 5+ shakeout, first 3 w/ shannon (43:47) tot. 5

Summary 157 miles for the week, good week, got lucky on the weather for the most part, got 3 good efforts and a lot of real good muscular work for the legs. I'm worried about that during the 20k tempo I never breathed heavy at all felt great from the waist up but man after 12 or 13k my legs were heavy as hell and just exhausted. ok see you at

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Training July 16 to 22

Monday noon, rd. 9+ in lowell solo easy, 1:03:27 tot. 9
PM rd. and trail 10 shakeout in tewks, 1:19:42 tot. 10

Tuesday AM 3 w/up strides w/o on tewks track, 12k alternating 1k faster 1k slower really went
pretty bad still tired from last workout( 3:05.7,3:29.4,3:02.8, 3:31.5, 3:02.6,
3:33.0,3:05.7, 3:40.8, 3:04.3, 3:39.4, 3:03.8, 3:39.5) 39:58.6 for 12k, 3 mile
c/down tot. 13
PM at mines falls, 27:45 w/up with shannon, 23x9 second hills, very steep, walk/jog
down rest, for the first half, second half I need 10 extra seconds or so to get heart
rate to 120 bpm. overall good go, 16:34 c/down w/shannon tot. 8

Wednesday AM rd.9+ in lowell easy solo, 1;05:25 tot. 9+
PM trail 10 shakeout in tewks, first 5 w/ shannon rest solo, 1:21:45, tot. 10+

Thursday AM 3 w/up strides, 15x300m at dracut track, rest 53 to 58 seconds jogging, (49.2,
48.3, 48.8, 48.8, 48.9, 49.0, 48.8, 48.0, 48.2, 49.2, 48.8, 48.4, 48.4, 48.6, 48.4) 3+
c/down tot. 10+
PM 9 easy shakeout in tewks solo, 1:12:28 tot. 9

Friday AM rd. and trail 9 in tewks easy, 1:00:52 tot. 9
PM 10 shakeout in tewks, 1:19:04, half drills and 4xstraight leg bounds after tot. 10
XT half drills and 4x straight leg bounds

Saturday AM 3+ w/up strides, 4x3k on tewks track, breezy,solo, (9:20.3) 2:58 rest (9:09.5)
2:59 rest (9;00.7) 2:59 rest (8:58.6) 3 c/down tot. 14++
PM at mines falls, 28:31 w/up w/ shannon, 25 x9 second hills, went real well, actually
dipped under 9 a couple of times and the recovery's were real quick, 17:40 c/down
w/ shannon tot. 8

Sunday AM 1:00:22 on trails in tewks, easy 9, solo, sprining bounding ect.. after tot. 9
PM rd. and trail solo shakeout in tewks, 1:20;17, tot. 10
XT 2 sets springing on the flat, 2 sets bounding on the flat and 4 sets of straight leg

Summary 138 miles for week, good week not great workouts but good enough.

Quote of the week "Don't do what you want. Do what you don't want. Do what you're trained not to want. Do the things that scare you the most." Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters, 1999 US writer (1962 - )

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training July 9 to 15

Monday AM 45:05 solo at Maudsley state park in the rain, great run, tot. 6+
PM 46:10 in tewks tot. 6
Got ART and chiro treatment done in am

Tuesday AM rd. 9+ solo, 1:02:57, tot. 9
PM rd. 8 shakeout solo, 59:57, still real sore from race tot. 8

Wednesday AM rd. 9+ solo, 1:03:08, full drills and straight leg bounds after tot.9
PM trail 10 shakeout in tewks, tot. 10

Thursday AM 26 solo and easy at mines falls, very hungry and thirsty, 2:58:16 tot. 26

Friday AM rd. 9+, 1:01:16, easy tot. 9
PM rd. 10 solo shakeout, full drills and straight leg bounds after tot. 10

Saturday AM at mines falls, 23:45 w/up, progression run, 8 loops (maybe 1500m each) 5:20,
5:10(10:30), 5:05(15:36), 4:52(20:28), 4:47(25:16), 4:43(29:59), 4:39(34:38),
4:34(39:13), 15:16 c/down great workout very happy with it and the loop i used, i
had two sharp turns and two light uphills and down hills exactly what I was lookin
for tot. 12
PM 10 shakeout in boston, mostly on boston common, 1:17:27, very repetitive tot. 10

Sunday AM rd. and trail 25 easy, 2:53:30, in tewks, very hot and I did get dehydrated I need to
find a way to take water even on some of these easy runs tot. 25

Summary 140 miles for the week 1 good workout, it took a lot to recover from the hills of utica but I was feeling better finally by friday I was happy with the workout on saturday it wasn't that fast but it was a great effort and I paced it right so that I was able to go a bit quicker on every one. I think that I'm pretty fit but not as fit as I had hoped if I had to guess i'm in about 1:04 half marathon shape on a perfectly flat course right now and I would struggle to run within 5% of that pace for the marathon so what this summer has to be about is getting into shape to run sub 60 at the new haven 20k(equal to a 1:03:20 half) which is a fair but not perfectly flat course. From there I can focus on being marathon ready and ready for the tough central park course for the trials.

Quote of the week "Make up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done in this world by hesitation." Thomas H. Huxley English biologist (1825 - 1895)

Monday, July 9, 2007

training July 2 to 9

Monday PM rd. 9 easy w/ Gary, Ruben, Garcia, 1:01:26, strides after tot. 10
XT hamstring exercises

Tuesday AM 33:45 in Acton w/ Kara Haas tot. 4.5
PM 40:10 in tewksbury w/ shannon, drills after tot. 5 plus
XT full drills

Wednesday AM 3+ w/up strides ect.. race john carson 2 mile in chelmsford, 2nd place 9:05(Pat
Tarpy 1st, 8:50 cr) Dylan Wylkes 3rd, splits (2:12, 4:34, 6:46(2:12), 9:05(4:3
(2:19) happy with race over all its a tough little course I had hoped to run
under the cr of 8:57 but I think that was a bridge to far. 40 minute cool down
tot. 11

Thursday Noon 7 at mines falls easy 45:34 tot. 7

Friday AM 6+ easy miles in tewks solo, 45:12 tot. 6+
PM 32:50 easy in Utica Ny strides after tot. 5+

Saturday AM 39:47 easy in Utica, drills after tot. 5+
XT full drills

Sunday 4am 2 mile shakeout, 15:49 tot. 2
7am 20 min w/up strides ect.. race Utica Boilermaker 15k 13th place, 1st american
46:22, splits (5k15:36) (10k30:31) miles (5:01, 9:55(4:54), 15:00(5:05), 20:1
(5:14), 24:37(4:22), 29:25(4:47), 34:42(5:17), 39:31(4:49), 44:46(5:15), way
tougher course then I thought it would be, 19:39 c/down tot. 15
6pm 3+ shakeout w/shannon, 26:59 tot. 3

Summary 73 miles for the week, two good races. I really wanted to be top 10 at Boilermaker and I think I could have been if I had done more progression runs and been strong enough to really roll into the finish I didn't get passed over the last few miles but I didn't pass anyone either. The big thing is the boilermaker itself I've done a few races and I'm telling you this is what road running should be. I have never seen crowds like this ever. It is just awesome and the after party makes any other post race party look like something in a nursing home. This race is what I imagine the 80's road race scene to have been like.

Quote of the week "free beer two miles" sign held by a fat guy at at little after the 7 mile mark of the boilermaker.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Training June 25 to July 1

Monday AM Trail 5 shakeout w/shannon, 43:06, tot. 5
PM rd. and trail 9 easy, solo, 1:01:46 tot. 9
XT hike up mnt. Watchusett

Tuesday AM trail and rd. 9 in Tewksbury, 1:03:46, strides after tot. 10
PM Trail 5 solo shakeout, 40:50 tot. 5

Wednesday AM 3 w/up couple of strides 2x5k(15:38, 15:54) 3 mins rest, it was very hot I was
hoping to do 3 5k's and that they would be faster but with the heat well this is
what I got. 3 c/down tot. 12
PM 2.5 w/up with gary then 12x15 second hills 2.5 c/down, these went better then
last time but it is still taking more then the jog down to get my heart rate under
120 tot. 7

Thursday Noon rd. 9, 1:03:52, w/ last mile on the track in 4:54, first 34 minutes were with gary
tot. 9
PM duff five mile loop shakeout solo, 37:30 tot. 5

Friday AM rd and track 10 mile, 1:06:11, 9 on roads easy w/ Tim, 1:01:16, last mile on track
solo in 4:54 tot. 10
PM Trail 5 solo shakeout in tewks, 37:47 tot. 5

Saturday AM4.5 w/up, 36:01, some strides and a 200 in 35s., then 4 miles on track in 19:29,
breeze and warm but neither was bad enough to be a factor. very disappointing
wanted to go 10k, splits (3:01.7, 6:02.3, 9:04.3, 12:07.o, 15:11.5, 18:15.9) 4.5
c/down with last mile in 5:03 (rolling terrain) tot. 13
PM trail 6+ shakeout w/ shannon in Wendell state forest, horse flys were awful, 49:18
tot. 6+

Sunday PM rd and trail easy 23, 2:39:17, in tewks tot. 23

Summary 119 miles for the week, two shitty workouts, not real happy with this week. I'm going to back off the volume and drop the hard last miles this week and run two races the john carson 2 mile in chelmsford on the 4th(Wednesday), i'm hoping to run close to the cr and win. Then the Boilermaker 15k in Utica on the 8th(Sunday) I'd really like to run 45 flat or better and be the top American there. So high hopes for the week we'll see how it turns out.

Quotes of the week "In reading the lives of great men, I found that the first victory they won was over themselves... self-discipline with all of them came first."
Harry S. Truman

"I've said many a time that I think the Un-American Activities Committee in the House of Representatives was the most un-American thing in America!"
Harry S. Truman

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Training log June 18 to 24

Monday Early PM woods 9, 59:05, easy tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ Gary, 35:09 tot. 9

Tuesday AM 4.5 w/up 36 mins, couple of strides, 17k on tewksbury track at 95% goal mp,
54:38(major splits 16:10 5k, 32:12 10k, 48:13 15k, 51:26 10m, 4.5 cool down
34:22 tot. 20
PM 45:47 w/ shannon at mines falls tot. 5

Wednesday PM woods 20 easy, 2:15:25 tot. 20

Thursday AM woods 9, 1:00:03, solo, full drills after tot. 9
PM duff five plus shakeout, 38:39, tot. 5+

Friday AM Duff five plus shakeout, 5+, 39:38 tot. 5
PM 5k plus w/up, strides ect... race andover days 5k, rolling loop course, 1st place cr,
14:31 (splits 4:48.9, 9:39.8(4:50.9), 14:09.5(4:29.7)) 3+ cool down tot. 10

Saturday PM trail 1:00:53 at Quabin res. solo easy tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 22 in tewks, 2:30:52, ran easy then did last mile at mp or so, 5:03

Summary 119 miles for the week. One good but not great workout and one good race. I really wanted to go 20k for the tempo run but muscularly it got real tough. Aerobically it felt real good. I was happy with the race.

Quote of the week "It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them. "
John Steinbeck, East of Eden, Chapter 13, Part II

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

training June 11 to 17

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:00:56, started w/ Gary and Mark Garcia, strides after tot. 10

Tuesday AM 3 w/up strides, 2x3k w/ a 3:00 800m for rest windy and hot, 9:19, 9:13. Had
planned on going faster and continueing to cut down and doing more but the heat
really got me, 3 cool down tot. 11
PM 3 w/up 11x 15sec. hills jog down plus rest, went better then last time but still not
recovering great from these things, 3 cool down tot. 7

Wednesday AM trail 9 at mines falls, no time tot. 9

Thursday PM rd. and tar path 6 in Peoria, IL. hot hot, 40:50, a few strides after tot. 6++

Friday AM Jogged steamboat course and added on a bit w/ hansons and former hansons guys,
full drills after tot. 5

Saturday AM 20 min w/up with Mario Macias, strides jogging drills ect. race Steamboat 4 mile,
11th place, 18:50 splits (4:35, 9:13(4:37), 14:00(4:46), 4:50 last mile, 20 min
w/down tot. 11
PM 45:04 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot.6

Sunday AM 1:07:26 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot. 9
PM travel home

Summary 69 miles, one shitty workout, one decent race. It was real hot and the pace just kept picking up, I got dropped just before 2 miles from the lead pack and fought my way in. I had really hoped to run about 18:30, but with the heat and the day I had I'm ok with it. I got a couple of real good scalps but not ending up in the top 10 was real disappointing. It was real hot in Peoria, the humidity wasn't too bad but it was 92 plus every day and it didn't cool off too much at any point in the day.

Quote of the week "Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty
dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the
real murderers." Victor Hugo Les Miserables (p. 27)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Training June 4 to 10

Monday AM 1:03:53 solo at Maudsly state park in the rain, tot. 9+
PM woods 5 w/ gary in rain, shakeout, 36:35 tot. 5

Tuesday AM 3 1/4 w/up few strides, 10k easy tempo on the track 32:27, (3:15.5, 6:31.2, 9:45.4,
12:59.8, 16:14.3, 19:28.1, 22:42.2, 25:56.9, 29:12.3, 32:27.0) very hot would have
liked to do 15k but i was getting dehydrated and it wouldn't have stayed easy if i had
gone on, 3 1/2 c/down tot. 13
PM trail 5 shakeout in tewksbury w/ shannon, 42:03 tot. 5

Wednesday AM woods 9, easy solo, 58:45, full drills after tot. 9
PM woods 5 solo shakeout, 38:58 tot. 5
XT drills

Thursday AM 4 solo shakeout, 27:59 tot. 4
PM 3 1/2 w/up a ton of strides, jogging ect.. (race started late), race hollis fast 5k 1st
place, 13:46 cr, led from gun, but did get passed by a run away horse, splits
(4:26.9, 8:48.7(4:21.8), 13:19.9(4:31.2). down hill course all together 3 1/2
c/down tot. 11+

Friday AM woods 10, 1:12:16 w/ mark garcia easy tot. 12
PM trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon 41:54 in tewksbury tot. 5
XT some hamstring exercises

Saturday PM 3- w/up strides ect... race high performance meet 5k, 1st place, 14:20.60 led from
gun(Nelson laux led 4th lap). Splits kilo's(2:51.8, 5:45.5(2:53.7), 8:38.4(2:52.9),
11:30.3(2:51.9), 14:20.4(2:50.1) miles(4:35, 9:13, 13:47) 3+ c/down w/ shannon
tot. 10

Sunday AM road and trail 18 easy, 2:05:07 tot. 18

Summary 104 miles for the week, 1 easy w/o, two decent races. This week i have the steamboat 4 mile in peoria. I would feel a lot better if I had popped a 14:0's 5k going in but i'm fit so I'm excited. I'd like to run under 18:30, its a tough course and it will be hot but it will also be very competitive. I really blew it in the last competitive race I ran (moonlight) but i think I can run sub 14 through 3 miles just hanging on and feel pretty good, then i'll just have to finish this time. I'll keep things pretty low key this week but I am going to do a pretty good w/o on tuesday.

Quote of the week " I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It's when you know you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do." ~Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird, Chapter 11, spoken by the character Atticus

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

training May 28 to June 3

Monday AM trail 9 at mine falls solo, no time easy tot. 9
PM rd. and trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 41:01 tot. 5

Tuesday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 58:44 tot. 9
PM trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 40:09 tot. 5

Wednesday off bad stomach bug, up all night, up all day

Thursday AM woods 9, easy no time, full drills after tot. 9
XT full drills

Friday AM woods 4 shakeout, 30:42, stomach bad tot. 4
PM 5k w/up strides ect... race Moonlight 5k in New Milford Ct. 8th place, 1st American,
14:21 (rolling course) splits (4:30, 9:07) let it go a bit the last mile I was separated
from the lead pack and frustrated. 3 cool down w/ shannon tot. 10+

Saturday AM rd. and trail, 9 in Tewksbury, 1:01:53 tot. 9
PM trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:00, some light springing after, my right Achilles
was a bit tight. tot. 5

Sunday AM 3 w/up with Gary, strides ect... race Rhody 5k in Lincoln RI, 4th place, 2nd
American, 14:33, splits 4:40.9, 9:23.3(4:42.4), 14:00.5(4:37.2) 28 minute cool down
with Martin Fagan, Pat Tarpy, John Mortimer, Marc Carroll and a whirlaway guy
who's name I don't remember tot. 11

Summery, 76 miles for the week, thanks to the stomach bug. No workouts, thanks to the stomach bug, two races both under my old 5k road pr. Honestly I was happy with sundays race I was tired but they were too but those guys simply are better then me over 5k and I'm ok with that but I ran competitively and got a good effort out of my self. the finish seems slow but there were two sharp awkward turns a funky steep 10 foot uphill and the soft dog track to deal with after the 3 mile mark so on a normal course it would have been 3 or 4 seconds faster, also that course, though it changes a bit every year, down at rhody is always slow, it looks fast and flat but it is always deceiving in that way. The race on friday was faster on a course that was probably about the same speed give or take as rhody but I was real frustrated with it because I didn't stay tough. I got right into the lead pack of 15 or so off the gun and ran a 4:30 on the uphill first mile then handled the turn around and a tough little uphill in the second mile and was dropped off the disintegrating pack but only a second or so from the next guy up and 6 or so off Nyariki in the lead. But I just gave up and didn't push in. If I had I think I would have caught 6th and 7th. That would have given me a 14:0's time and got me Pat Cheriuyot's scalp, he ran 45:00 for 10 miles this may at broad st. thats the fastest time ever run on american soil. So though it was the faster race I got less out of myself and so found it disappointing. Still both races were better then last week.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training May 21 to 27

Monday AM woods 9 easy,1:05:45, first 3 w/ gary, first 5 w/ nikki, strides after tot. 10
PM woods 5 solo shakeout, 37:26 tot. 5

Tuesday AM woods 9 solo easy, 1:00:07, full drills after tot. 10
XT full drills and hamstring exercises

Wednesday AM 4.5 miles w/up strides, 8k on tewksbury hs track, 23:56, splits (2:59.8,
6:00.2(3:00.4), 9:00.9(3:00.8), 12:00.4(2:59.5), 15:00.2(2:59.8), 17:59.5(2:59.3),
20:59.2(2:59.6), 23:56.7(2:57.5) 4.5 cool/down tot. 14

Thursday AM Trail 18 on tewksbury fields easy, 2:02:42 tot. 18

Friday Noon 3 w/up 10x 15 second hills jog down rest, 3 cool/down tot. 7
PM 4.5+ in tewks shakeout w/ shannon tot. 4

Saturday PM woods 6 shakeout, full drills after, tot. 6
XT full drills

Sunday AM 3 w/up strides, race 5 miles at Boston Run to Remember, 24:07, 4th place, splits
mile 4:51, 3miles 14:11(9:20), 19:08 (4:56), 24:07(4:59), 3 mile cool down tot. 11

Summery 85 miles for the week. A great workout followed by an awful race. Exactly the
opposite of what it should be. I'm not sure what happened. I think it was just that the
pace shifted so quickly after the mile. The hill repeats on friday may have taken a bit
out of me too but all in all it was a total crap run. I really expected to run at least
under 23:20. So it was a super frustrating finish to the week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

RRCA Road Scholar Award

I was awarded the Road Runners Club of America's (RRCA) Road Scholar award this past week. I had applied for it back in march and had pretty much given up on it. This is huge for me, both in terms of financial support, 5k, and in terms of getting my name out there. It just makes it that much easier to get race directors to let me in there races and what not. This also really nice because I quit my job at the shoe store a month ago to focus full time on training for the trials this fall. So thank you RRCA!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Training May 14 to 20

Monday AM woods 9, 1:03:22, w/ Nikki, strides after tot. 10
PM woods 7 shakeout, 53:23 w/ gary and uml frosh tot. 7
XT hamstring exercises

Tuesday AM 4.5 miles w/up, and 1 stride, then 8k on tewksbury hs track, first 5k in 16:08(95%
marathon goal pace) then last 3k at half marathon goal pace(8:53) so total time was
25:02 for 8k with k's of 3:13, 3:14(6:27), 3:13(9:41), 3:13(12:55),3:13(16:08),
2;59(19:08),2:57(22:05), 2:56(25:02), 4.5 c/down tot. 14

Wednesday AM 12 real easy, 1:21 tot. 12
PM woods 5 shakeout in cold rain solo, 37:03 tot. 5

Thursday AM 4.5 w/up, 3 strides and a 200 in 34, then 3200m in 9:11, splits 2:52, 2:52(5:45),
2:52(8:38), 4.5 c/down tot. 11+
PM rd. and trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:28 tot. 5

friday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 1:01:46 tot. 9

Saturday AM race usatf-ne 12k road champs at bedford rotary 12k, w/up 3 miles, then jog to
start, strides, led from gun felt good and decided to really go for it, won in course
record 36:21, splits (4:43, 9:36(4:53), 14:32(4:56), 19:26(4:53), 24:15 (4:49),
29:15(4:59), 33:54(4:38). very rolling course no real flats except in the first and
7th miles. real happy with this as a solo effort on a tough course, 3 c/down w/
shannon and ben tot. 14
PM 3 shakeout w/ shannon 24 minutes just to get the crap out of my legs tot. 3

Sunday AM 18 easy! in tewks solo, 2:04:41 got soaked!!!!, poured like hell a couple of times

Summery 108 miles for the week, two good workouts?, and one good race, miles will be about the same this week but only one workout and a lot of easy running in prep to hopefully run real well at the boston run to remember against some strong competition, I'd like to run under 23:30 for a full 5 miles and maybe even sneak a little prize money.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Training May 7 to 13

training log May 7 to 13

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:05:23, first 3.5 w/ gary. rolled left ankle pretty good. tot. 9
PM woods 7 easy w/ nikki, 52:48 tot. 7
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff
Other saw Active Release Therapist(ART)

Tuesday AM, Methuen rd. 12, 1:13:38, last mile at goal mp, tot. 12
PM 5 shakeout, 36:12, tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff

Wednesday AM 3 w/up strides ect... threshold run 6k in 18:56, hot and bit windy, but basically
a shit workout, goal was to run 5 min mile pace for 5k then finish with 3k in
9:00, instead i just ran out of gas running the 5k tried to shift gears and basically
just got back on 5min pace, splits (3:08,3:09,3:09,3:11,3:10,3:07) 3 cool down
tot. 11
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys, 39:21 tot. 5

Thursday AM woods 9 easy, 58:23, drills after tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff, continuous warm up drills

Friday AM woods 10, 1:08:08, then finish with 2 miles on track at goal mp, 4:57,4:56(9:54),
1:18:02, tot. 12
PM 20 mins w/up and 16x12 second hills jog down rest, actually a bit more on some, wai
for heart rate to dip below 120, been a long time since I've done these and recovery
wasn't great. on super steep hill off of dartmouth college's golf course, 10 mins plus
cool down tot. 7

Saturday AM easy rd. and trail 9? back in hanover, nh, 1:01:57 tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 18 easy in tewksbury, 1:59:16 tot. 18

Summery, 109 miles for the week. Good week but an extremely frustrating workout, weather had something to do with it, the early pace being a bit too agressive had something to do with it and just being a bit tired had something to do with it. 12 with the last mile at mp just isn't as easy as it was when I was fit. Particularly that close to 6 minute pace over the methuen rd. loop, which is pretty hilly.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

since coming back from mono

April 30 to May 6

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 56:30, strides after tot. 10
PM 5+ shakeout w/ shannon tot. 5
xt 2 sets hamstring stuff
Tuesday AM woods 10, 1:08:33 then finish with a mile on the track around goal marathon
pace, 4:56, tot. 11
PM woods 6 shakeout w/ uml guys 42:53 tot. 6
Wednesday AM w/up strides 5k on track 15:08, (splits 3:01, 5:59, 9:01, 12:06), 3 mins rest
3x1k w/ 400 rest, 3:00, 3;01, 3;01 cool down tot. 12
Thursday AM woods 9 easy, 1;05:38, drills after tot. 9
PM 6 on tewks trails solo shakeout, 45:18 tot. 6
xt drills and 2 sets full hamstring stuff
Friday noon 5+ w/ gary into 10k on track at roughly 95% marathon goal pace, 32:44, paces
varied a little largely because it was a little windy and I was trying to keep it easy so I
started slow, splits(3:17,3:17,3:17,3:16,3:14,3;14,3:12,3:14,(26:06 at 8k),3:14,3:13. tota
time 1:11:01 tot. 11+
Saturday woods 9 solo, 59:36, easy tot. 9
spent the whole day at uml conference meet on my feet so decided to drop the pm run
Sunday PM w/up strides race USATF-NE 5k road champs in westford. moderatly hilly course
1st place 14:50, (John Mortimer 2nd), splits 4:46 down hill, 9:26(rolling hills), uphill
last mile cool down tot. 11

Summery, 96 miles for the week. super happy with the overall quality of the week and with the race I felt very controlled throughout and had a good time. the workout wasn't great but not bad either, sneaking in the second tempo was nice too.

April 23 to 29

Monday AM woods 10 easy, 1:09:54 tot. 10
PM trail/rd. 5 w/ shannon 41:24 tot. 5
xt 1 set hamstring stuff
Tuesday PM woods 10 solo, 1;06:52 tot. 10
Wednesday AM woods 5 solo, 34:37 tot. 5
drive to philly
PM river walk 5 w/uml guys and nikki, 35;04 tot. 5
Thursday AM river walk 5, 34:37 tot. 5
PM w/up, race penn 5k, 14:37, finished well back in the teens, happy with this, ran safe and steady, 4:42,9:23,14:03, cool down tot. 10
Friday AM river walk 10, solo, in absolutly pouring rain, tot. 10
PM drive back from philly
Saturday 12 in tewks on trails, 1;20 tot. 12
Sunday AM 21 on rd. and trails in tewks, 2:01:11, felt great really ripped this one, tot. 21

Summery 93 miles this week, happy with the race considering and thrilled with the long run.

April 16 to 22

Monday easy 7 w/ shannon in tewks, still have cold, 52:25 tot. 7
Tuesday trail 12, 1:13:49, good pace in tewks, tot. 13
Wednesday woods 12, 1:25:09, solo, easy tot. 12
Thursday 3 w/up strides stretching, 5k on dracut track in 15:10, splits(3:01,6:01,9;03,12;06,15;10) 4 cool down tot. 11
Friday 3PM woods 10 solo, easy, 1:09;26 tot. 10
6PM 5 w/ shannon in tewks, 40:19 tot. 5
Saturday off cough cold still/back
Sunday 12, 1;15:31, in tewks, tot. 12

summery 69 miles, cold is a pain in the ass and keeps me nervous

April 9 to 15

Monday AM 10, 5 w/ gary, 38:05, solo duffy 5, 31:31 tot. 10
PM woods 5, 37:22 tot. 5
tuesday aM w/up 3k, 9:01, 3mins rest, 2k, 6:04, 3 mins rest, 1k, 3;01, 400 rest(1:50), 1k, 3:01 400rest, 1:50, 2k, 6:04 cool down tot. 14
Wednesday woods 8, solo easy, 54:45, tot. 8
pm fly to mnt. sac relays
Thursday PM 1:34:46, mostly trail, tot. 14
Friday AM rd. and trail , 1:16:20, tot. 11
PM 20 mins w/ nikki(on her warm down) and shannon tot. 2.5
Saturday AM 12+ solo, hilly, 1:21:40 tot. 12
PM fly back to mass.
Sunday off a bit of a cough and very nervous about it bringing back mono.

summery 77 miles for the week, good week but the small cold I picked up flying has me worried.
April 2 to 8

Monday woods 10 solo easy, 1;07:24, woods sloppy tot. 10
got ART
Tuesday AM woods 5 solo, 38;07 tot. 5
PM woods 10 w/uml guys, 1:11:51 tot. 10
Wednesday w/up, 8x1k w/ 2mins rest, avg. 3:01, fastest 3:00, slowest 3:02, cool down this was very very hard tot. 11
Thursday methuen rd. 10 solo, very easy, 1:08:46 tot. 10
Friday AM 10++ over light snow in tewksbury, 1:15:07 tot. 10++
PM 5+ w/ shannon, 46;03, hurt foot a bit right at end tot. 5
Saturday AM woods and rd. 5 w/ shannon, foot tender but ok, tot. 5
Sunday AM 15 in tewksbury, mostly trail, 1;35:25, felt much much better, like a runner tot. 15

summery 82 miles for the week. The foot is ok, was a bit worrying at first.

March 26 to April 1

Monday lake rd. 10, w/ uml kids and Nikki, 1:13:17, legs shitty, no surprise there tot. 10
Tuesday AM 12, woods 5 w/ gary, 39:21, then rd. 7 solo, 46:49, (1:26:11 total time) tot. 12
PM 5 shakeout w/ shannon in tewksbury, 46:34 tot. 5
XT full group of hamstring exercises, 15mins
Wednesday Methuen rd. 10, 1:05:24, solo, tot. 10
Thursday 12, woods 7 w/gary, 50:28, duffy morning 5 solo, 33:00, (total 1:23:28) tot. 12
XT full group of hamstring exercises 2 sets, 30 mins
Friday 10, woods 5, w/gary 37:26, duffy 5 solo, 32:15 tot. 10
XT full group of hamstring stuff 2 sets
Saturday 20k on tewksbury xc course, 1:24:47,tot. 12+
Sunday 13 in tilton nh, very hill, 1:26:32 tot. 13

summery 84 miles for the week.

March 19 to 25

Monday methuen rd. 10, no time forgot watch tot. 10
Tuesday Methuen rd. 13, 1:23:36 tot. 13
Wednesday lake rd. 10 w/ uml guys 1:11:36, legs crumby tot. 10
Thursday Methuen rd. 13, no time again, drills after tot. 13
Friday Methuen rd. 10, w/ uml guys, 1:07:27 tot. 10
Saturday Lake rd. 10 easy w/uml guys, 1:09:52 tot. 10
Sunday w/up 20 mins did some strides raced, sorta, Irish feet are running 5 mile (Lowell), finished 3rd in 25:11, (John Mortimer 1st, Justin Lutz 2nd) 20 min cool down tot. 11

Summery 76 miles for the week. Raced a whole lot better than I thought I would but there is still one hell of a long way to go.

March 12 to 18
monday 10, 67minutes w/uml guys, 4 strides after tot. 10
tuesday Trail 9+, 1:01:53 w/uml guys tot. 9
Wednesday trail 9-, 58:54, w/ uml guys tot. 9
Thursday trail 12 easy w/uml guys, 1:22:34 tot. 12
Friday rd./greenway/trail 9, 1:04:06 tot. 9
Saturday trail 12 easy w/ rex and jack 1:18:40 tot. 12
Sunday off drive home from n.c.

summery 61 miles for the week

March 5 to 11
Monday duffy morning 5(32:43) with a little add on, 35:41 tot. 5.5
Tuesday treadmill 5, (33:40) tot. 5
Wednesday treadmill 5, (33:19) tot. 5
thursday off rest
Friday off worked all day didn't want to push it
Saturday off same as friday
Sunday off drove to North Corolina with umass lowell track teams

off with mono January 29 to March 4