Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Training May 21 to 27

Monday AM woods 9 easy,1:05:45, first 3 w/ gary, first 5 w/ nikki, strides after tot. 10
PM woods 5 solo shakeout, 37:26 tot. 5

Tuesday AM woods 9 solo easy, 1:00:07, full drills after tot. 10
XT full drills and hamstring exercises

Wednesday AM 4.5 miles w/up strides, 8k on tewksbury hs track, 23:56, splits (2:59.8,
6:00.2(3:00.4), 9:00.9(3:00.8), 12:00.4(2:59.5), 15:00.2(2:59.8), 17:59.5(2:59.3),
20:59.2(2:59.6), 23:56.7(2:57.5) 4.5 cool/down tot. 14

Thursday AM Trail 18 on tewksbury fields easy, 2:02:42 tot. 18

Friday Noon 3 w/up 10x 15 second hills jog down rest, 3 cool/down tot. 7
PM 4.5+ in tewks shakeout w/ shannon tot. 4

Saturday PM woods 6 shakeout, full drills after, tot. 6
XT full drills

Sunday AM 3 w/up strides, race 5 miles at Boston Run to Remember, 24:07, 4th place, splits
mile 4:51, 3miles 14:11(9:20), 19:08 (4:56), 24:07(4:59), 3 mile cool down tot. 11

Summery 85 miles for the week. A great workout followed by an awful race. Exactly the
opposite of what it should be. I'm not sure what happened. I think it was just that the
pace shifted so quickly after the mile. The hill repeats on friday may have taken a bit
out of me too but all in all it was a total crap run. I really expected to run at least
under 23:20. So it was a super frustrating finish to the week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

RRCA Road Scholar Award

I was awarded the Road Runners Club of America's (RRCA) Road Scholar award this past week. I had applied for it back in march and had pretty much given up on it. This is huge for me, both in terms of financial support, 5k, and in terms of getting my name out there. It just makes it that much easier to get race directors to let me in there races and what not. This also really nice because I quit my job at the shoe store a month ago to focus full time on training for the trials this fall. So thank you RRCA!!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Training May 14 to 20

Monday AM woods 9, 1:03:22, w/ Nikki, strides after tot. 10
PM woods 7 shakeout, 53:23 w/ gary and uml frosh tot. 7
XT hamstring exercises

Tuesday AM 4.5 miles w/up, and 1 stride, then 8k on tewksbury hs track, first 5k in 16:08(95%
marathon goal pace) then last 3k at half marathon goal pace(8:53) so total time was
25:02 for 8k with k's of 3:13, 3:14(6:27), 3:13(9:41), 3:13(12:55),3:13(16:08),
2;59(19:08),2:57(22:05), 2:56(25:02), 4.5 c/down tot. 14

Wednesday AM 12 real easy, 1:21 tot. 12
PM woods 5 shakeout in cold rain solo, 37:03 tot. 5

Thursday AM 4.5 w/up, 3 strides and a 200 in 34, then 3200m in 9:11, splits 2:52, 2:52(5:45),
2:52(8:38), 4.5 c/down tot. 11+
PM rd. and trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:28 tot. 5

friday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 1:01:46 tot. 9

Saturday AM race usatf-ne 12k road champs at bedford rotary 12k, w/up 3 miles, then jog to
start, strides, led from gun felt good and decided to really go for it, won in course
record 36:21, splits (4:43, 9:36(4:53), 14:32(4:56), 19:26(4:53), 24:15 (4:49),
29:15(4:59), 33:54(4:38). very rolling course no real flats except in the first and
7th miles. real happy with this as a solo effort on a tough course, 3 c/down w/
shannon and ben tot. 14
PM 3 shakeout w/ shannon 24 minutes just to get the crap out of my legs tot. 3

Sunday AM 18 easy! in tewks solo, 2:04:41 got soaked!!!!, poured like hell a couple of times

Summery 108 miles for the week, two good workouts?, and one good race, miles will be about the same this week but only one workout and a lot of easy running in prep to hopefully run real well at the boston run to remember against some strong competition, I'd like to run under 23:30 for a full 5 miles and maybe even sneak a little prize money.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Training May 7 to 13

training log May 7 to 13

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:05:23, first 3.5 w/ gary. rolled left ankle pretty good. tot. 9
PM woods 7 easy w/ nikki, 52:48 tot. 7
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff
Other saw Active Release Therapist(ART)

Tuesday AM, Methuen rd. 12, 1:13:38, last mile at goal mp, tot. 12
PM 5 shakeout, 36:12, tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff

Wednesday AM 3 w/up strides ect... threshold run 6k in 18:56, hot and bit windy, but basically
a shit workout, goal was to run 5 min mile pace for 5k then finish with 3k in
9:00, instead i just ran out of gas running the 5k tried to shift gears and basically
just got back on 5min pace, splits (3:08,3:09,3:09,3:11,3:10,3:07) 3 cool down
tot. 11
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys, 39:21 tot. 5

Thursday AM woods 9 easy, 58:23, drills after tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff, continuous warm up drills

Friday AM woods 10, 1:08:08, then finish with 2 miles on track at goal mp, 4:57,4:56(9:54),
1:18:02, tot. 12
PM 20 mins w/up and 16x12 second hills jog down rest, actually a bit more on some, wai
for heart rate to dip below 120, been a long time since I've done these and recovery
wasn't great. on super steep hill off of dartmouth college's golf course, 10 mins plus
cool down tot. 7

Saturday AM easy rd. and trail 9? back in hanover, nh, 1:01:57 tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 18 easy in tewksbury, 1:59:16 tot. 18

Summery, 109 miles for the week. Good week but an extremely frustrating workout, weather had something to do with it, the early pace being a bit too agressive had something to do with it and just being a bit tired had something to do with it. 12 with the last mile at mp just isn't as easy as it was when I was fit. Particularly that close to 6 minute pace over the methuen rd. loop, which is pretty hilly.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

since coming back from mono

April 30 to May 6

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 56:30, strides after tot. 10
PM 5+ shakeout w/ shannon tot. 5
xt 2 sets hamstring stuff
Tuesday AM woods 10, 1:08:33 then finish with a mile on the track around goal marathon
pace, 4:56, tot. 11
PM woods 6 shakeout w/ uml guys 42:53 tot. 6
Wednesday AM w/up strides 5k on track 15:08, (splits 3:01, 5:59, 9:01, 12:06), 3 mins rest
3x1k w/ 400 rest, 3:00, 3;01, 3;01 cool down tot. 12
Thursday AM woods 9 easy, 1;05:38, drills after tot. 9
PM 6 on tewks trails solo shakeout, 45:18 tot. 6
xt drills and 2 sets full hamstring stuff
Friday noon 5+ w/ gary into 10k on track at roughly 95% marathon goal pace, 32:44, paces
varied a little largely because it was a little windy and I was trying to keep it easy so I
started slow, splits(3:17,3:17,3:17,3:16,3:14,3;14,3:12,3:14,(26:06 at 8k),3:14,3:13. tota
time 1:11:01 tot. 11+
Saturday woods 9 solo, 59:36, easy tot. 9
spent the whole day at uml conference meet on my feet so decided to drop the pm run
Sunday PM w/up strides race USATF-NE 5k road champs in westford. moderatly hilly course
1st place 14:50, (John Mortimer 2nd), splits 4:46 down hill, 9:26(rolling hills), uphill
last mile cool down tot. 11

Summery, 96 miles for the week. super happy with the overall quality of the week and with the race I felt very controlled throughout and had a good time. the workout wasn't great but not bad either, sneaking in the second tempo was nice too.

April 23 to 29

Monday AM woods 10 easy, 1:09:54 tot. 10
PM trail/rd. 5 w/ shannon 41:24 tot. 5
xt 1 set hamstring stuff
Tuesday PM woods 10 solo, 1;06:52 tot. 10
Wednesday AM woods 5 solo, 34:37 tot. 5
drive to philly
PM river walk 5 w/uml guys and nikki, 35;04 tot. 5
Thursday AM river walk 5, 34:37 tot. 5
PM w/up, race penn 5k, 14:37, finished well back in the teens, happy with this, ran safe and steady, 4:42,9:23,14:03, cool down tot. 10
Friday AM river walk 10, solo, in absolutly pouring rain, tot. 10
PM drive back from philly
Saturday 12 in tewks on trails, 1;20 tot. 12
Sunday AM 21 on rd. and trails in tewks, 2:01:11, felt great really ripped this one, tot. 21

Summery 93 miles this week, happy with the race considering and thrilled with the long run.

April 16 to 22

Monday easy 7 w/ shannon in tewks, still have cold, 52:25 tot. 7
Tuesday trail 12, 1:13:49, good pace in tewks, tot. 13
Wednesday woods 12, 1:25:09, solo, easy tot. 12
Thursday 3 w/up strides stretching, 5k on dracut track in 15:10, splits(3:01,6:01,9;03,12;06,15;10) 4 cool down tot. 11
Friday 3PM woods 10 solo, easy, 1:09;26 tot. 10
6PM 5 w/ shannon in tewks, 40:19 tot. 5
Saturday off cough cold still/back
Sunday 12, 1;15:31, in tewks, tot. 12

summery 69 miles, cold is a pain in the ass and keeps me nervous

April 9 to 15

Monday AM 10, 5 w/ gary, 38:05, solo duffy 5, 31:31 tot. 10
PM woods 5, 37:22 tot. 5
tuesday aM w/up 3k, 9:01, 3mins rest, 2k, 6:04, 3 mins rest, 1k, 3;01, 400 rest(1:50), 1k, 3:01 400rest, 1:50, 2k, 6:04 cool down tot. 14
Wednesday woods 8, solo easy, 54:45, tot. 8
pm fly to mnt. sac relays
Thursday PM 1:34:46, mostly trail, tot. 14
Friday AM rd. and trail , 1:16:20, tot. 11
PM 20 mins w/ nikki(on her warm down) and shannon tot. 2.5
Saturday AM 12+ solo, hilly, 1:21:40 tot. 12
PM fly back to mass.
Sunday off a bit of a cough and very nervous about it bringing back mono.

summery 77 miles for the week, good week but the small cold I picked up flying has me worried.
April 2 to 8

Monday woods 10 solo easy, 1;07:24, woods sloppy tot. 10
got ART
Tuesday AM woods 5 solo, 38;07 tot. 5
PM woods 10 w/uml guys, 1:11:51 tot. 10
Wednesday w/up, 8x1k w/ 2mins rest, avg. 3:01, fastest 3:00, slowest 3:02, cool down this was very very hard tot. 11
Thursday methuen rd. 10 solo, very easy, 1:08:46 tot. 10
Friday AM 10++ over light snow in tewksbury, 1:15:07 tot. 10++
PM 5+ w/ shannon, 46;03, hurt foot a bit right at end tot. 5
Saturday AM woods and rd. 5 w/ shannon, foot tender but ok, tot. 5
Sunday AM 15 in tewksbury, mostly trail, 1;35:25, felt much much better, like a runner tot. 15

summery 82 miles for the week. The foot is ok, was a bit worrying at first.

March 26 to April 1

Monday lake rd. 10, w/ uml kids and Nikki, 1:13:17, legs shitty, no surprise there tot. 10
Tuesday AM 12, woods 5 w/ gary, 39:21, then rd. 7 solo, 46:49, (1:26:11 total time) tot. 12
PM 5 shakeout w/ shannon in tewksbury, 46:34 tot. 5
XT full group of hamstring exercises, 15mins
Wednesday Methuen rd. 10, 1:05:24, solo, tot. 10
Thursday 12, woods 7 w/gary, 50:28, duffy morning 5 solo, 33:00, (total 1:23:28) tot. 12
XT full group of hamstring exercises 2 sets, 30 mins
Friday 10, woods 5, w/gary 37:26, duffy 5 solo, 32:15 tot. 10
XT full group of hamstring stuff 2 sets
Saturday 20k on tewksbury xc course, 1:24:47,tot. 12+
Sunday 13 in tilton nh, very hill, 1:26:32 tot. 13

summery 84 miles for the week.

March 19 to 25

Monday methuen rd. 10, no time forgot watch tot. 10
Tuesday Methuen rd. 13, 1:23:36 tot. 13
Wednesday lake rd. 10 w/ uml guys 1:11:36, legs crumby tot. 10
Thursday Methuen rd. 13, no time again, drills after tot. 13
Friday Methuen rd. 10, w/ uml guys, 1:07:27 tot. 10
Saturday Lake rd. 10 easy w/uml guys, 1:09:52 tot. 10
Sunday w/up 20 mins did some strides raced, sorta, Irish feet are running 5 mile (Lowell), finished 3rd in 25:11, (John Mortimer 1st, Justin Lutz 2nd) 20 min cool down tot. 11

Summery 76 miles for the week. Raced a whole lot better than I thought I would but there is still one hell of a long way to go.

March 12 to 18
monday 10, 67minutes w/uml guys, 4 strides after tot. 10
tuesday Trail 9+, 1:01:53 w/uml guys tot. 9
Wednesday trail 9-, 58:54, w/ uml guys tot. 9
Thursday trail 12 easy w/uml guys, 1:22:34 tot. 12
Friday rd./greenway/trail 9, 1:04:06 tot. 9
Saturday trail 12 easy w/ rex and jack 1:18:40 tot. 12
Sunday off drive home from n.c.

summery 61 miles for the week

March 5 to 11
Monday duffy morning 5(32:43) with a little add on, 35:41 tot. 5.5
Tuesday treadmill 5, (33:40) tot. 5
Wednesday treadmill 5, (33:19) tot. 5
thursday off rest
Friday off worked all day didn't want to push it
Saturday off same as friday
Sunday off drove to North Corolina with umass lowell track teams

off with mono January 29 to March 4