Sunday, October 16, 2016

Training October 10 to 16, 2016

Monday AM 4 miles porter road loop, 28:40 tot. 4
                PM 4 miles porter road loop backwards with Uta, 26:41, tot. 4
                XT bikram yoga, 90mins

Tuesday AM 4.1 neighborhood loops with Uta and Melissa, 32:27 tot. 4.1
                PM 4 mile out and back on dale with Uta, 28:16 tot. 4

Wednesday AM out and back on Dale/Coventry with Uta, 30:51, tot. 4
                     PM 25:23 warm up, full drills, 14mins, 16x100m on Methuen track 'on the minute',
                            averaged 16.1 felt good, 5min cool down tot. 5.5 miles

Thursday OFF

Friday PM dale/coventry out and back with Melissa and Uta, 30:57 tot. 4

Saturday AM 50:23 with Uta at Shed park, tot. 7.5

Sunday 1PM On chelmsford rail trail, 1.6 warm up, 12:43, drills, 2 mile tempo 10:37 (5:16.7/5:19.7), 3:50 recovery with more drills, 2 mile tempo 10:17 (5:09.7, 5:07.3), 1.6 cool down in 11:36 tot. 7.2

Summary ~ 44 miles, two workouts, happy with both. Some 'fantom' pain in the stress fracture area that wouldn't worry me at all except I haven't had it before this week.  That is why I took Thursday off. Hopefully I'll keep moving in the right direction this week.  Hope your running is going well.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Training October 3 to 9, 2016

Monday PM ran from school after work, 25min warm up on the roads then a full drills session, about 15mins, then 12x100m 'on the minute' in 16.6, 16.3, 16.6, 15.9, 16.1, 16.0, 16.1, 15.9, 16.1, 15.8, 16.1, 15.8, felt good form wise, felt easy aerobically, muscularly bit tired after. 5min cool down tot. 5.5 miles

Tuesday PM vermont loop 5 mile with Uta, 32:49 tot. 5

Wednesday 3PM massage and drills with Anna
                     5PM 10k coventry loop, 40:51 tot. 6.25

Thursday PM 3+ warm up, then 6x1min fartlek with drills, so I would do 2 drills from my full drill set then a 1min rep on a very flat stretch of road, and repeat.  I measured the stretch I was covering and was happily surprised to see I was running around 66's per 400m pace.  I normally need to be very fit to run that kind of pace for anything over 200m and I'm not at all fit so it made me feel like the form work is paying off at least in a little way, cool down, total 6 miles

Friday PM 10k coventry loop with Uta, 42:29 total 6.25

Saturday mid day 40:13 around Phillips Academy.  first 25 mins with Melissa and Uta.  tot. 5++

Sunday AM a couple miles of warm up broken up a bit, some strides and some race pace efforts of 30 to 45 seconds, a good number of drills but not a full set. Race Great Island 5k, 4th place in 16:11.  This is the first time I have run a 5k over 16mins since the fall of my senior year in high school.  It was a shit race.  I didn't want to get sucked out too fast, which I didn't but then I was too slow at the mile, 5:14- (I was 5:15 at the 10k two weeks ago).  I increased the effort but not enough in the second mile very much running in no mans land.  I ran another 5:14 (10:29), but that mile is a bit slower than the first.  I tried to get after it the last mile but I just really didn't have that much juice and I was also splitting my mental efforts to focus on trying to have good form. 5:09 (15:38) for the third mile.
  Honestly I probably shouldn't have been racing.  I signed up for the races I'm in this fall back this summer when I assumed I would be much further along in the comeback and would be ready to start to race into shape instead I'm barely training.  I'll race again in a couple of weeks and hopefully by then I'll at least be in a better spot mentally and will be able to produce a better effort.

PM cross training bikram yoga.

Summary I really hope things are going to start to get better.  I'm very happy that I got in 3 quality efforts and the miles were up slightly( ~40 for the week)  This coming week I'm hoping to add in some morning runs to up the miles a bit and to keep the workouts.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Training September 26 to October 2, 2016

Monday 4 miles, 28:47 super sore after race but it was bilateral so from being out of shape not hurt.

Tuesday 10k in 43:25, still very sore.

Wednesday 4 miles 27:34, sore.

Thursday 10k in 43:05, less sore but still sore and muscles tired by end of run

Friday 4 miles with Uta in 25:24, I felt a little better but honestly only went faster because Uta wanted to push.

Saturday 4 miles in 25mins, full drills- a walk, b walk, a+c walk, back walk, leg fast change, a skip, b skip, a+c skip, hops, leg fast change 3 hops, shuffle skip with A right, left, alternating, backwards skip, ankle dribbles, mid calf dribbles.  All in all about 14mins, then 10x100m on road, on the minute( so if I run the 100 in 16 I start the next one after 44 seconds rest), Averaged high 16's for the 100's.  Then did very light weight squats, dead lifts and walking lunge variations- 5 types- basically a standard muscular session to work on form and glute activation.

Sunday 8.3 miles solo in 57:01.

Summary  38 miles for the week, only one session of anything but light jogging, which I had hoped to be able to do on Tuesday but the body wasn't ready until Saturday.  I should be able to get more in this week.  Hope your training is going well.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly training blog September 18 to 25, 2016

Monday PM 10k in 48mins with Melissa and Uta

Tuesday Off

Wednesday 6PM 10k in 42:05

Thursday 3:30pm Exercises, drills and massage with Anna
                 6:30PM 4miles in 26:15

Friday 6PM 5 mile vermont loop, 33:23, drills-13mins, 8x20 second strides with jog back rests

Saturday PM 4.2 miles around fields at Phillips, some with Uta

Sunday AM 15min warm up, light drills, couple strides, Race Lone Gull 10k (USATF-NE championships) CMS needed a 5th man and I needed a baseline for my fitness…  I finished 29th in 32:36. I'm certain that is my worst finish at a Grand Prix..  That said I would have been happy with it during my time as an Undergrad.  It isn't pretty but it isn't the worst I thought I could run.
Splits 5:15, 10:33, 15:37, 20:54, 26:02, 31:24.  no cool down already my longest steady run tot. 8.5
PM 90mins Bikram yoga

Summary 35 miles or so.  So I have my base fitness.  Now it is time to improve on it.  No small way to go but it could be worse. Hope your running is going well.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekly training September 12 to 18, 2016

Monday Off- meetings after school

Tuesday 4 miles, 27:25, drills

Wednesday 3.1 miles around neighborhood, forgot to write down the time

Thursday Off went to Red Sox game

Friday 5.25 miles with Melissa and Uta, 40:19

Saturday 25mins jogging at Shed park in Lowell with Uta, drills and 8x20 second strides- probably just over 100m very controlled focus on good form.

Sunday AM bikram yoga, 90mins hot yoga
              late AM 6.25 miles with Melissa and Uta, 48mins.

Summary yup not much in the right direction there.  Basically in a holding pattern until I get a bit more info on how my healing is going along.  So I'll either be ramping it up more quickly after Wednesday or staying very slow… We'll see.  Either way I'm planning on racing the long gull 10k to get a base line on my fitness.  I really have no idea what to look for other than I expect it will be bad.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Training September 5 to 11, 2016

Monday noon 3.1 around the neighborhood doing jog 7mins walk 1min. 20:05

Tuesday 3:30pm cross training with Anna
                6pm 3.1 around the neighborhood doing jog 8 walk 1min, 20:52

Wednesday PM 9.25 miles of 7mins jog, walk 1min, in 1:01:55

Thursday PM 3.1 around the neighborhood, jogged 9mins walked a minute, jogged the rest, 20:36

Friday off

Saturday AM something around 9miles around Shed park in Lowell while Melissa worked out with Anna, 1:02:05

Sunday 1PM 22:14 easy around phillips fields with Melissa and Uta, then drills, then 6x100m aiming for 20 seconds focus on good form and feeling easy, 18.6 for the first one then between 18.9 and 19.7 for the rest. total about 4 miles

4PM bikram yoga

Summary just over 30 miles for the week nothing flashy… did cross training exercises as well.  Long way to go. Hope you're well and your running is going better than mine.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Training August 29 to September 4, 2016.

Monday PM 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 5mins run to 1min walk. 21:35. Drills after.

Tuesday PM 9.1 miles of 5mins run to 1 min walk, 1:03:02

Wednesday PM 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 5mins run to 1min walk, 21:07. Drills after.

Thursday PM 9.1 miles of 6mins run to 1min walk, 1:00:02.

Friday AM bikram yoga for 90mins.

Saturday mid day- 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 6mins run to 1min walk in 19:46

Sunday AM 9.25 miles of 7mins run to 1min walk in 1:02:34. drills after

Summary 36.7 miles.  This is one slow build up.  Stress fracture leg feels fine. Basically my form is very different after all the weeks of exercises so I'm being very careful coming back to avoid any more issues, hopefully…  Other than that just continuing with the daily exercises and settling back into working.   Hope you are training better than me!