Sunday, January 4, 2015

Weekly Training Blog December 29, 2014 to January 4, 2015


For only the 2nd time in since the end of 2007 I start this year with a real belief that I am finally going to overcome my coordination problem and return to my favorite race, the marathon!  The last time I had this hope was New Years 2011 a few days before a back surgery that would half fix the problem and save my running at all, at that point I was only able to jog about 9 miles and could barely race 5k.  Now I believe I have the second half of the problem figured out and that this could be an exciting year!  I am also in the process of Joining the Sketchers Elite Ambassador teams which I am super excited about and I will do a full post on when everything is finalized.
  Christmas is a time to look back on the year and be thankful for the blessings we have received and those we love.  New Years is that great moment to look forward with hope and anticipation at all the possibilities of the future.  It has been a long time since I felt that hope but I feel it as I type today!

 AM walk with the dog

PM 42:30 on the trails with the dog a bit under 7 but feeling generous tot. 7

XT whartons and YTI

  Was tired today recovering from the fundamental block yesterday but not nearly as sore as I expected


AM walk with dog

Noon 40mins on curve than 4 strides on curve total 44mins around 7 miles tot. 7

PM Road 9, 61:11, first 5 with Uta, the dog, in 35:27 tot. 9

XT whartons, YTI, pull ups on assisted machine


AM 30:09 mostly trail out and back run to from Phillips Academy sports fields at moderate effort, right around 6 miles, dropped some cloths and then did 6x6minutes at marathon pace with 3mins moderate recovery after everyone including the last one around phillips athletic fields. I ran the reps between 3:08 and 3:10 per k(5:02 to 5:06 pace) I covered a total of 16475 meters in 54 minutes, 5:16.4 per mile average for the whole run with rests included. great workout super pumped with this tot. 16+

PM 4 miles on road with Uta and Melissa, 29:20 tot. 4

XT whartons, YTI


AM 9 plus miles, first 4.2 with Melissa and Uta on roads in 29:00 than into woods solo and picked up the pace, 60:25 total 9+

PM out and back on roads 59:40, bit over 9.5 miles than did strides tot. 10+

XT whartons, YTI


AM 21:37 warm up with Uta on trails. Dropped her off. did skipping warm up, light drills and strides. Did Monaghetti fartlek on roads (mona fartlek is a 20minute fartlek with efforts of 2x90s, 4x60s, 4x30s, 4x15s in that order with equal rest, you run the efforts starting at about 5k effort and try to go quicker as they get shorter, the rest is run quickly so your overall pace is very good) I covered just over 4 miles, 6498 meters in the 20minutes. that means averaging 4:57.2/3:04.6 pace. short cool down tot. 8+

PM 40mins on curve 6.7 miles or so, tot.  7-

XT whartons, YTI


AM 51:39, first 4.4 miles in 31:00 with Melissa and Uta, rest on the trails with just Uta and a good bit quicker- Uta gets pretty excited on the trails.  She is more of a trail runner than Melissa or I tot. 7+

PM 45mins on curve with 4 strides mixed in tot. 7

XT whartons, YTI, pull ups on assisted machine


1PM Long progression run in Lowell with Ruben Sanca, first hour goal was 80% marathon goal pace- around 6:10- we hit 10 miles in 61mins, next 30mins the goal was to run 5:50 to 5:55 pace the last 30 mins we were supposed to run faster than that.  Ruben pulled away from me in mile 18, I ran 5:40 he ran faster.  I struggled in the 20th mile, all uphill and ran only 6:05 but at the top of the hill got my pace back down under 5:50.  I ran 20.3 miles in the 2 hours.  I struggled with the coordination from about 8 miles on.  Running with Ruben I didn't do as good a job focusing on holding my shoulders back.  Once I realized what was going on I focused in and I managed not to lose coordination but I felt like I was running on the edge of the knife for the last 12 miles.  I had to go to the bathroom really bad so I stopped at 20 miles and jogged back to Ruben's place at 21 miles with a few stops to shall we say maintain my composure. tot. 21

XT whartons, YTI


112 miles for week, 3 good workouts, strides all but two days. good job with cross training.  It was a vacation week so life was easy but I'm very happy all the same.  Optimism is riding high for me right now.  Really think I could finally be headed back to the marathon.  This coming week I need to survive school, try to get in a decent routine and get to yoga at least once. Hope you are doing well too.


Anonymous said...

Nate - Happy to see how your training is going and how optimistic you are! I'm pulling for you and a successful return to the marathon!

Wondering if you could point me to a good dynamic stretching routine, one that targets all muscle groups. A video would be great, otherwise an article would work just fine. Much appreciated!

Jeff said...

here you go
good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Nate!

Jos said...

What does 'YTI' in your cross training mean? said...

Jos, I think I posted a fuller description in an earlier blog but YTI are just a shoulder/back exercise to help me mix my posture. you put feet on floor, hips on a swiss ball and with very light weights and perfectly locked elbows lift your arms up with the shoulders to an Y position then a T position then back by your sides for an I position.