Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekly Training Log February 9 to 15, 2015 Recovery


Mid Day- 48:16, around 10k on roads in snow storm, first 4.2 with Melissa total 10k

PM Bikram yoga (90minutes hot yoga)

XT whartons, rubber band exercises, shoveling and yoga


AM Bear Hill 4.2 with Uta, snowy. total 4.2

PM Regular 10 on snowy roads, 68:58, roads very bad this was actually a pretty good effort, I think perhaps a bit too good. total 10+

XT whartons, rubber band 


PM on treadmill with Ruben. 3.5 warm up, with 4 "strides" of 15 seconds at 12.5mph, 13mph, 13.5mph, 14mph respectively. switch shirts do whartons. goal was 6x2 miles at marathon pace.  Very tired so didn't figure that would happen.  1/2 mile get up to speed then 2 miles in 10:15, 1/2mile in 2:50, 1 mile in 5:06. Stopped just tired as shit.  Ruben manned up for 5 reps.  I did 3 miles cool down total 10.5 miles

XT whartons, rubber band


PM 50mins in snow storm with Uta, the dog, at least she was having a good time.  total around 8 miles we were moving pretty good.

XT whartons, rubber band


PM On curve treadmill (manual) 3.3 miles warm up with 4 strides, 25mins, Moneghetti fartlek on curve (2x90, 4x60, 4x30, 4x15 with matching rest) 20 total minutes covered 3.55 miles, my best on the curve before this was 3.46 two weeks ago.  This was only 5:38 pace but a very good effort.  The curve is much slower than regular running.  At the end of December I did this session on the curve and only covered 3.25 miles.  To put this in perspective I ran around 4:57 pace on the roads a week or two after that.  I have dropped my time on the curve by 32seconds per mile since then.  I doubt it transfers directly but the improvement is still very very good.  20 minutes cool down ended up with 65minutes on the curve and just under 10 miles 

XT whartons, rubber band


Spent the morning shoveling and breaking up ice jams on roof. This sucked.

1pm road 7.8 solo, very poor road conditions for most of run, 52mins total 8-

4pm road 10k, 46:19, first 4.2 with Melissa and Uta, roads very rough shape tot. 6+

XT whartons, rubber band


had first specific workout scheduled but pushed it to monday because of Blizzard

AM 50mins steady on Curve and then 5 strides with 1min breaks between them total 8 miles

PM road 10k solo very very cold total 6,2 miles 

XT whartons, rubber band, pull ups on assisted machine


  Not an impressive week at all. Basically a recovery week after the bit special block last weekend.  It was supposed to end with our first specific session but we'll be suffering through that in sub zero wind chills on some poor footing this afternoon because it is better conditions then during a blizzard yesterday.  The weather in New England is never helpful but it has sort of been becoming a bigger pain every few days for the last month or so.  I'm hoping it starts to move in the other direction over the next two weeks or so.  The biggest difference between training now, with a full time job, and the good old days is that it is very hard to deal with curveballs like the weather.  Luckily I have February vacation this week so I could bump the run to today but now as we get into the specific phase I really don't want to be doing modified 'effort' workouts and that is what snow storms generally force.   Hope things are going well for you!


danny said...

At least you know you are not alone Nate. this has been a banner stretch for cosmic forces in the North east. I have officially abstained from shoveling snow this year. My energy is a precious commodity only to be allocated to my wife, kids and running. But not necessarily in that order. :)

danny said...

Hey Nate I feel like a leech, but I can't help myself from asking (I have the day off) and I really value your opinion.

14 days till first club 5k and I just can't decide what workouts to do, it's driving me nuts because I keep changing them.

This is what I THINK...

workout 1.
6x500 @105%... 2 rest
1 mile @101% 2 rest
10x200 @115% 2 rest

workout 2.
Alternations 1000m @ 5:20 and 600m @5:40 for 4 miles.

workout 3.
Either 4x1mile at 5k - 2 rest

or 6x (1000 at 5k- 2 rest then 300 at mile pace)
4 rest btwn sets.

You always seem to impart a bit of common sense and logic that frees me.

Thank You and you should send me a bill.

Nate Jenkins said...

Danny- I respond to stuff because I enjoy it so you are not leeching at all.
I guess my response would be that I don't care when the first race is. I'm far more worried about when the last race or best race or most important race is. The first race is itself just a workout and a fitness test. You run what you run but you shouldn't be adjusting workouts based on that.
So I answer your question with a question. When is the heart of your season or your 'target' 5k.

danny said...

NYRR Team Championships: Men (5M) Manhattan's Central Park Sat, Aug 01, 2015 9:30 am. That's my most important race. I have 6 races to run to qualify for NYRR's runner of the year in the 50 range.

3/1 a 5k in Washington heights
4/4 a 10k in CP
a 5 miler in June.. CP
Club champs (5 miler) august 1'st in CP
Fifth ave mile (last year 4:50) in September. I believe I can run under 4:40 this year if the stars line up.
Gretes half marathon in october.

I averaged 81 miles a week for 2.5 years now and started running in 2012. I know the notion seems silly on its face, But my 12 year old daughter says she has a crystal ball and she see's me winning. I have a bit of a variant view, but I won't tell her that. That's between me and you . :) By the way Leech was a little strong, I'm just trying to take this running journey one step at a time and I feel bad asking for such specific free advice.

Ps.. That special block last week was a badge of honor in and of itself.

Nate Jenkins said...

ok I would do the alternations on Sunday if you can, the other sessions are going to leave you more tired than they are worth if you do them within 7 or 8 days of the race. If you can do one of the other three in the next couple days that is fine. Next week 4 or 5 days out you should do 12x400 with 100 jogs at pace, NO FASTER, focus on being smooth. 2 to 3 days out 1 mile of sprint/float/sprint to sharpen up.

After the 5k do one 10k workout a week until 7 to 10 days out from the 10k. Your other workout should be aerobic. From the 4/4 race on adjust the 10k workouts slightly to focus on 8k and keep up the aerobic second workout until june. Then switch it out for a speed anaerobic session. During all this you should be mixing in strides and short hills for basic speed.
For a great mile you need specific workouts but for a good one you can do a bunch of 100s, i.e. 100's on the minute and 30x100 at mile pace with 100 jog type things and that is much better to mix into half marathon training so it would be my suggestion. Also take a week off/recovery after the championship. Then start the 100s and half marathon workouts.
Good luck.

danny said...

I appreciate the fact that you respond so quickly and don't leave people hanging Nate. My experience with trying to select workouts has me feeling like the bird that inadvertently flew into the middle of a badminton game. I printed out your advice and will follow it.
Thank You

James said...

What was your food/drink/sleep recovery like after the super compensation workout? Did you have an entire spread ready for when you finished and crashed for 12 hours or was your body/stomach too messed up?

Nate Jenkins said...

James- I did pig out pretty good. I had a banana and water and energy bits to start. Then I had a bunch of pizza, I don't know 6 pieces? A soda a bunch of orange juice. I would guess a few thousand calories. I slept ok, fitful, which isn't bad after one of these. I did sleep 9 to 10 hours.
My stomach was a bit tore up but not too bad and all settled by bed time the next day.
I'd have to ask Ruben about his sleep but I can say he ate quite a bit as well.