Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Training March 9 to 15 Limbo


XT Bikram Yoga, 90mins, whartons, rubberbands

PM bear hill 4.2 miles 27:53 with Uta, tot. 4.2 miles

XT whartons, rubber bands

PM 9 miles, first 4 with Melissa and Uta next 5 solo total 9 miles

XT Bikram Yoga, 90mins, whartons, rubberbands

PM road 11, first 4 with Uta and Melissa, last 7 solo at 6:00 pace, 1:10:21 total 11

XT whartons, rubberbands

PM I had noticed the local HS had plowed their track and my heart jumped.  I was so pumped so I decided to do Aussie Quarters instead of the Mona fartlek I was planning.  I did a 5k warm up to the track with Uta and Melissa in 21:34. Then I did drills and strides.  There were some icy patches so I decided to jog a lap of the track to make sure it was ok and there were no crazy ice ponds.  Now there is still A LOT of snow up here so the snow banks on the inside of the track and in the outside lanes were well above my head.  As I ran down the back stretch I noticed ahead of me something looked odd.  Then there it was.  for some reason they had plowed 390meters of the track leaving an 8 foot wall of snow 10 meters thick around the 200m start. There was a zig zag single lane shoveled around to the outside but it would be nearly impossible to run it at much under 6min pace never mind in a workout. CRAP.  So now I needed to invent a loop/route to do a Mona fartlek.  I actually have a loop around the high school but they are building a new fire station and eliminated part of the road so that was a no go.  I settled on an out and back sort of set up that if it turned out to not be long enough I could loop around the parking lot to head back out.  It was a bit more rolling than I would have liked and it had a few icy turns greater than 90 degrees.  From the gun I just didn't feel great.  
  For me on a mona I always have a goal of covering 4 miles in the 20 minutes.  To do this if I'm running 4:40 pace on the efforts I need to be running 5:20 pace on the rests.  I felt like crap.  I was afraid I wasn't running under 5 on the efforts and on top of that I couldn't seem to get a great effort out. Normally by the end of the mona I'm in a world of hurt.  To be honest I was hurting but not to bad at the end of this one.   It wasn't until I measured it afterwards and found I had run 3.98 miles and averaged 5:00.9 per mile/3:07 per k that I realized it was actually a decent effort.
  3 mile cool down. total 10 miles

  Oh if you are new to the blog and don't know what a Mona Fartlek is check it out here

XT whartons, rubberbands

AM 10 miles, 66mins, first 3 miles with Uta at a bit over 8minute pace because she was not happy that Melissa was home in bed and we were out running in the rain. last 7 miles solo at 6:00 pace total 10 miles

XT Bikram yoga 90mins, whartons, rubber bands

2PM 3 warm up, skipping warm up, light drills, light strides. on merrimack college loop. Goal 4x4k at mp with 1k recoveries at 90%mp (total of 20k)  I started to lose coordination about half way and called it.  It was a cold rain and rather miserable all around. splits-4k-12:33.3( with a 2:59 first K- oops!) 1k recovery in 3:28 (5k-16:01.6) 4k- 12:27.9, 1k recovery in 3:29 (10k-31:59.1, 2nd 5k-15:57.5) stopped. I hadn't lost coordination yet but I could feel it going and I wanted to avoid that as in the cold rain/snow mix that was going on hobbling along for a long fight home would have sucked! did some light drills to get coordination firing 100% again and did 3 cool down total about 12 and half miles.

XT ankle drills, light drills, skipping warm up, whartons, rubber bands, YTI

So I was scheduled to race the New Bedford half marathon today. To any of my teammates at CMS please don't hate me for missing again.  After last weekend my thought process was if I did a workout and it went south, it did, I could stop and go home fairly easily.  However if I was running New Bedford and I lost coordination again I'd have to either hobble to the finish or try and find my way through town. Neither sounded like much fun.  

  Sunday's workout. This session is a canova session. For those who know Fernando Cabada he posted a video of him doing the same session last week, , He ran the 20k in 62:21- that is 2:11 pace for the whole thing. I think he averaged 4:55 for his on's- so 2:09 pace.  Now he has a 2:11 PR.  I don't know what his goal for Boston is but I would guess he would be happy with 2:11.  Basically for good workout people with the shorter reps you tend to run a bit quicker than mp and average around marathon pace.  As you do sessions with longer reps you tend to run marathon pace on the reps and be a little slower than mp over the full session.  Now I have never been able to run much faster than mp on any long rep session, but I also used to do much bigger miles when I was doing these workouts.  For me my on's were on 2:11 to 2:12 pace and my overall average was 2:15:00 pace.   I felt very controlled at half way so I have no doubt I could have finished the workout in terms of fitness.

  What does this mean?  I haven't fallen apart fitness wise.  The foot is about 90% I can train full volume this week.  If I can't get the coordination on track by next weekend however I will pull out of Boston.  

  So moving forward.  I will be doing this same session again next Sunday.  This week was the trial ballon. Next weekend is the real test.  If it goes well GREAT we are on.  If not well those are the breaks and I'll regroup and figure out a new plan.  I'm fit and the foot is getting better.  I just got to remember it isn't supposed to be easy and nobody owes me anything. 

  Hope you are well and it isn't snowing where you are.  It is here and I'm not happy about it.

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