Monday, February 15, 2016

Training February 8 to 14

Monday 6AM road 6.2 with Uta in 43mins
               10AM -I don't do many 6am/10am doubles these days but I had a snow day and the snow was starting to fall so I decided to get out before it got bad- 10 miles 71 mins pretty slick. eyes kept getting frozen shut by the snow
               5PM 90mins of bikram yoga

Tuesday 5AM shoveling and snow blowing.  Honestly I was betting on a delayed opening and we didn't get it so I had to do the clean up so we could get the cars out and go to work instead of a morning run
                PM 3 warm up on curve treadmill in 23:34, skipping warm up, light drills, 6 laps of indoor track(6/10 of mile) with 1 or 2 short strides on each loop, 3 miles of sprint/float/sprint- about 80m/80m. splits- 1-5:10.98, 2-10:17.43(5:06.45), 3-15:12.87(4:55.44), 3 miles and 4 extra laps cool down

Wednesday PM Road 18, first 6 with Uta, focus on toe off- see summary- 2:03:18.

Thursday AM 6.2 with Uta, 45mins
                  PM 3.1 miles warm up 23mins, strides and light jogging, Mona Fartlek on glendale loop,  only covered 3.8 miles, personal worst for this loop. Long day in general and it was very cold, wind chill -3, there was a long stretch into the wind and some ice on the loop.  All that said the real issue was my calves were shot. 3.1 cool down 23mins

Friday AM 6.2 with Uta, very cold, wind chill -9, 45mins
             PM road 12.2 solo, 1:21:13, focus on toe off.

Saturday AM 3 mile warm up, light drills, skipping warm up, strides, 3 mile tempo run- AWFUL- it was very cold and my legs were sore from toe off focus this week but that doesn't explain this shit, 1-5:14, 2- 10:34(5:20), 3-16:01(5:27), 3 mile cool down

PM 6 miles with Uta, cold, 39mins

Sunday Noon 18.2 miles in 1:58, one of the worst runs I have have ever had, it was very cold but I was crushingly tired.  Just wanted to stop and curl up in a ball and die.  was supposed to do 22.  lucky to survive 18

Summary  113 miles for the week, 1 decent workout, 2 shit workouts.  Need to get bloodwork but I'm fairly certain my iron is too high.  I have been taking iron for a few years without a break and my numbers have been slowly coming up.  I haven't had my ferritin tested in a long time but each of the last few times it has been the highest I have ever had.  I did some research and apparently like too little iron you can see symptoms as an athlete before you get to being medically out of the zone and the symptoms line up very well with what I'm struggling with.  I'll have the doc do a full work up but I'm guessing my ferritin will be very high.   Hopefully I'll come around over the next few weeks just by stopping supplementing.

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