Sunday, December 18, 2016

Training December 12 to 18, 2016

Monday- We landed at Manchester a bit after 4AM after a long string of delays.  Then we had a nice drive home in the snow.  I got to bed at 5:20am and the alarm went off at 6AM and it was off to work.  As such I didn't run.

Tuesday AM I actually did try to get up and run but couldn't do it.
                PM about 4 miles warm up, because I took Uta for a bit over 3 then dropped her at the house, then jogged to start and did drills and strides, 3 mile tempo on winter street in 15:07, (5:04, 10:07) then 10x30 second hills, focus on form so they were only like 90% efforts.  I was shocked that this went that well. 3+ cool down  tot. 12+

Wednesday AM 4 miles road with Uta, 30:13 tot. 4
                     PM road 10.2 with Uta, in 1:05:40, did 6x6 dead lifts starting at 95 up to 145lbs tot. 10.2

Thursday AM 4 miles road with Uta, 30:24 tot. 4
                  PM  ran from School because I had parent conferences so we had a break between the afternoon and evening sessions to go eat.  I used it to workout.  I did 3+ warm up, drills, strides, and a 400m on the track, which was snow covered and turned out to be quite icy in 82 seconds.  I decided that wasn't going to work.  I found a turf soccer field that was basically clear so I did 6x5mins with 3mins recovery with drills during the breaks I ended up covering more than a mile on each rep which was surprising considering how cold/windy it was and how many layers I was wearing. only a mile cool down tot. 11.5

Friday AM road 4 solo, very cold, windchill was -16 and Uta wanted no part of it, 28:31 tot. 4
             PM road 10.2 with Uta, cold 12 degrees, very tired, 1:07:31 tot. 10.2

Saturday body finally broke down a bit from the lack of sleep, I slept 14 hours and had a bit of stomach bug. took the day mostly off except for 2 hours of shoveling.

Sunday AM 11+ easy, first 7 with Uta and Melissa, hips were sore from shoveling, 1:21:35 tot. 11.2
              PM Bikram yoga, 90mins

Summary 67 miles, two very good workouts.  All things considered I couldn't be much happier with this week.  So I didn't do a mona fartlek so no mona rating picks instead I'll just give you a series of cute Uta photos….

Uta wanting to eat a nearby chipmunk

Uta texting

Uta and her buddy polar bear

Uta drinks a hard cider at the end of a long day of being awesome

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