Sunday, May 13, 2007

Training May 7 to 13

training log May 7 to 13

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:05:23, first 3.5 w/ gary. rolled left ankle pretty good. tot. 9
PM woods 7 easy w/ nikki, 52:48 tot. 7
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff
Other saw Active Release Therapist(ART)

Tuesday AM, Methuen rd. 12, 1:13:38, last mile at goal mp, tot. 12
PM 5 shakeout, 36:12, tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff

Wednesday AM 3 w/up strides ect... threshold run 6k in 18:56, hot and bit windy, but basically
a shit workout, goal was to run 5 min mile pace for 5k then finish with 3k in
9:00, instead i just ran out of gas running the 5k tried to shift gears and basically
just got back on 5min pace, splits (3:08,3:09,3:09,3:11,3:10,3:07) 3 cool down
tot. 11
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys, 39:21 tot. 5

Thursday AM woods 9 easy, 58:23, drills after tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ uml guys tot. 5
XT 2 sets hamstring stuff, continuous warm up drills

Friday AM woods 10, 1:08:08, then finish with 2 miles on track at goal mp, 4:57,4:56(9:54),
1:18:02, tot. 12
PM 20 mins w/up and 16x12 second hills jog down rest, actually a bit more on some, wai
for heart rate to dip below 120, been a long time since I've done these and recovery
wasn't great. on super steep hill off of dartmouth college's golf course, 10 mins plus
cool down tot. 7

Saturday AM easy rd. and trail 9? back in hanover, nh, 1:01:57 tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 18 easy in tewksbury, 1:59:16 tot. 18

Summery, 109 miles for the week. Good week but an extremely frustrating workout, weather had something to do with it, the early pace being a bit too agressive had something to do with it and just being a bit tired had something to do with it. 12 with the last mile at mp just isn't as easy as it was when I was fit. Particularly that close to 6 minute pace over the methuen rd. loop, which is pretty hilly.

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