Sunday, May 20, 2007

Training May 14 to 20

Monday AM woods 9, 1:03:22, w/ Nikki, strides after tot. 10
PM woods 7 shakeout, 53:23 w/ gary and uml frosh tot. 7
XT hamstring exercises

Tuesday AM 4.5 miles w/up, and 1 stride, then 8k on tewksbury hs track, first 5k in 16:08(95%
marathon goal pace) then last 3k at half marathon goal pace(8:53) so total time was
25:02 for 8k with k's of 3:13, 3:14(6:27), 3:13(9:41), 3:13(12:55),3:13(16:08),
2;59(19:08),2:57(22:05), 2:56(25:02), 4.5 c/down tot. 14

Wednesday AM 12 real easy, 1:21 tot. 12
PM woods 5 shakeout in cold rain solo, 37:03 tot. 5

Thursday AM 4.5 w/up, 3 strides and a 200 in 34, then 3200m in 9:11, splits 2:52, 2:52(5:45),
2:52(8:38), 4.5 c/down tot. 11+
PM rd. and trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:28 tot. 5

friday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 1:01:46 tot. 9

Saturday AM race usatf-ne 12k road champs at bedford rotary 12k, w/up 3 miles, then jog to
start, strides, led from gun felt good and decided to really go for it, won in course
record 36:21, splits (4:43, 9:36(4:53), 14:32(4:56), 19:26(4:53), 24:15 (4:49),
29:15(4:59), 33:54(4:38). very rolling course no real flats except in the first and
7th miles. real happy with this as a solo effort on a tough course, 3 c/down w/
shannon and ben tot. 14
PM 3 shakeout w/ shannon 24 minutes just to get the crap out of my legs tot. 3

Sunday AM 18 easy! in tewks solo, 2:04:41 got soaked!!!!, poured like hell a couple of times

Summery 108 miles for the week, two good workouts?, and one good race, miles will be about the same this week but only one workout and a lot of easy running in prep to hopefully run real well at the boston run to remember against some strong competition, I'd like to run under 23:30 for a full 5 miles and maybe even sneak a little prize money.

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