Monday, December 22, 2014

Training December 15 to 21… Sick...

Monday Still sick so no AM run. PM 10 miles, 63:51 then strides, did first 5 with Uta, my dog, in 32:31 tot. 10.5
              XT YTI, rubber bands, whartons- see last week's blog for descriptions.

Tuesday still sick so no AM run PM 10 miles, 63:46, first 5 with Uta, 32:38, strides after tot. 10.5
               XT YTI, rubberband, whartons

Wednesday still sick so no AM run PM 10 miles 64:58, first 5 with Uta, 33:46, strides after tot. 10.5
                   XT YTI, rubberband, whartons

Thursday- much sicker, no running did all cross training as normal.

Friday- Even sicker barely got through the day at work- I do everything in my power not to skip work. I've missed one day in 2 and a half years I had a flight canceled and was stuck in LA. Though I have scheduled my first ever personal day to go to Boulder in late January to speak at a marathon clinic. Point is I figure as a teacher I get plenty of scheduled days off no need to be taking extra's unless I REALLY have to.  Also I teach in a school where it can be hard to get people to sub.
            XT YTI, rubber band, whartons, mile or two walk with dog.

Saturday Even sicker, did a 4 mile walk with dog and was wiped out for rest of day. did all cross training but was a hurting unit.

Sunday Feeling a lot better. Just a lot of sinus pain/pressure and feeling tired.
             PM did 30mins on Curve, 4.82 miles, then 4 strides on curve with jog rest top speed 15.4 mph, 58 second 400m speed, not that is top speed not average but I feel the curve is a bit tougher/slower than flat running. That speed represents my max speed on the given day. To compare I have run in the very high 27's for 200m and very very high 13's for 100m on my very best days.  In general strides should not go up to max speed but where my max is so slow I always build up to top speed during my strides. I mean my full sprint on a given day is 100m in 14 seconds and change. My goal 3k pace when I am fully fit is 16.0 seconds per 100m.  3k pace is way to slow for strides so I just go full steam.
            XT did all normal stuff plus 10 pull ups on assisted machine- I am so far from doing a real pull up it is crazy. When I was a kid I couldn't do pull ups. Over the years I have done a lot of cross training and built myself into a MUCH better athlete than I have was. I have become very accustom to my current reality of being able to do pretty much any exercise with little or no effort very shortly after first attempting it.  It is crazy to find this one are to be so weak and untrained. Really amazing and it really gives me great confidence that with work I can make enormous improvements. It also makes it very easy to believe that this is in fact the source of the coordination problems and that I at long long last am finally going to get to return to the marathon this year.

Summary- that sucked. I have been sick for about 16 days now. Hopefully Saturday was the worst.  I have a couple weeks off from school so hopefully I can get healthy and get the training rolling forward.  I fell pretty decent today and will try a short double along with a bit of walking and cross training and hopefully I'll get a workout or two in by the end of the week.


Craig McMahon said...

Nate- I'd be more than happy to serve as your proofreader/editor. The format on these things is miserable!

Nate Jenkins said...

Thanks Craig. As bad as my grammar and spelling are the formatting issues are the blogging page. I type up the blog in their setting for typing it up as you want to see it. Not in HTML. Lets just say it doesn't publish like it looks. So I have to play with the settings or learn HTML.

Craig McMahon said...

Now I feel like a jerk for insinuating. I know nothing about HTML, sorry Nate- and merry Christmas!

SJ said...

My wife is a teacher and we just went through a round of stomach bug then fatigue, then sinus issues. Seems like December is always the worst for this stuff-all downhill from here.