Sunday, December 14, 2014

Training December 8 to 14 2014

Monday PM still quite sick, did 5 miles with Uta in 32:34, strides tot. 5.5 or so
              XT wharton thorasic spine  exercise, YTI

Tuesday off did cross training for shoulders but that was it. SICK

this is Uta by the way

Wednesday PM road 10, 66:21, first 5 with Uta in 34:19. strides after. still sick also shaky/weak
                    XT wharton, YTI, rubber band

Thursday PM road 10, 65:35, first 5 with Uta in 34:10. strides after. still sick but not weak. tot. 10.5
                XT wharton, YTI

Friday PM feeling tons better still coughing and blowing my nose but just felt really good by the time
                  the afternoon rolled around that I decided to try to do a 10k at 95 to 100% mp.  I did about
                  5k warm up with Uta. After I dropped her off I did strides and got started. As soon as I saw
                  the mile split I knew this was a bad idea, 5:28.  It is uphill but still the effort was there and I
                  was not moving quickly.  I muscled through but felt sick. 33:02 10k.  The positive side was
                  I had no coordination issues and this was a tougher loop than what I used a few weeks ago
                 for the same session so this was probably a bit quicker effort in comparison and no
                 coordination issues where as a few weeks ago I was barely holding it together at the finish
                 tonight if I hadn't been sick I would have continued on. tot. 10
            XT wharton, YTI

Saturday AM 3 miles with Uta and Melissa, 22mins. tot. 3
               PM marzuka 20k, 1:20:27 this is actually a bit longer than 20k and very hilly tot. 12.5
               XT wharton, YTI

Sunday 1pm 30mins on woodway curve, 4.5 miles, then 4 strides with jog breaks still on curve.        
                     Noticeable how this forces me to control my form and engage my core differently. Also
                     theshape of the treadmill seems to increase the effort at pace. So at 9mph I felt like I would
                     expect to at around 10mph tot. just over 5 miles
               I had planned a second run later but my stomach made it a no go.  I am still on the anti biotic
                     and I don't handle them well.  Really hoping to start to get some momentum going in the
                     right direction next week.
             XT wharton, YTI

Summary      Still sick but getting better. Hopefully will come the rest of the way around soon. The workout was obviously a bit pathetic but I'm sick so it is what it is.  The nice thing was it was still a good step forward in terms of the coordination.  Each run I am feeling more and more control over my shoulders and upper back but I still only feel comfortable for a mile or two before it becomes hard to hold them back and I really have to fight to hold form from that point on.  That said a week ago I was struggling from the start so really this is a pretty big improvement.  I am still very weak but at least I'm starting to get stronger.


RyanL said...

Awesome that you are back blogging, love to read about your training and insight. Do you think the ShouldersBack harness thing has helped at all?

Nate Jenkins said...

Ryan, I do think it has helped. It is a tool not a fix. It really helps make you aware of your position and find a better one but it isn't going to fix the problem.