Sunday, May 3, 2015

Training April 27 to May 3


PM Road 6, first 4 with Melissa and Uta, strides total 6.5 miles

XT Ankle drills, whartons, scapular isometrics


PM at Haverhill High School, I'm coaching my middle school track team this spring and practice is at the high school at 4:30 so I try to sneak a run in between when I get out of school and when practice starts, 21minute warm up, skipping warm up, light drills, strides, Light Monaghetti fartlek about 1/2 effort, averaged 5:32 pace for the 20mins. No cool down to speak of it was time for practice. total around 8 miles

XT skipping warm up, light drills, whartons, scapular isometrics


PM 2 mile warm up with Uta, 14:19, dropped her off, 10 miles at fundamental pace in 58:20 slowest mile 5:58, fastest 5:37, very hilly.  strides after, this was aerobically very easy these runs are key to returning my muscular endurance and to improving my ability to hold the coordination, total 12.5 miles

XT ankle drills, whartons, scapular isometrics


AM dale road 5 with Melissa and Uta, 38:30, strides after total 5.5 miles

XT ankle drills, whartons, scapular isometrics


PM 30 minute warm up, ended up at North Andover Middle school as the high school had a lacrosse game. skipping warm up, light drills, strides. Moderate session of Aussie quarters(8x(200jog) 400m rep) (43.04), 68.20, (52.92), 68.82, (49.22),  69.21, (54.37), 69.43, (50.81), 68.81 (51.63), 69.13, (49.05), 69.00, (50.91), 68.73  total time for 3 miles 15:53.28- about a minute slower than before the marathon but the effort was less.  Funny thing is I could see how someone would tell themselves that this was a hard effort.  It makes me wonder if I could just notch up my toughness one level could I actually be doing a session like this in 13:50?  If I could I would truly world class.  Is there another notch there?  6 minute cool down total 9 miles or so

XT whartons, scapular isometrics, skipping warm up, light drills


AM 4 miles with Uta, first 2 miles with Melissa warming up for her race, then strides in Dover, NH total 4. 5 miles

XT whartons, scapular isometrics


AM 2 mile warm up, skipping warm up, 20k fundamental pace run, 1:11:41, did two 10k loops, first in 36:13, 2nd in 35:27, again very easy aerobically but this work is for the muscular endurance and working on the coordination. did strides after, total 15 miles

XT ankle drills, whartons, scapular isometrics.


  So this week was a semi return to training.  In the past I have built up miles slowly in returns and worked out less but tried to workout at full effort.  This time around I'm trying to follow a normal schedule outline but with reduced miles AND doing the workouts at a lighter effort.  We'll see how it goes. I like the idea of it but I haven't done it before.  This week I'll be doing much the same thing with just a small step up.  I expect the week after that to be closer to full volume and effort.  
  Sorry for not having more updates this week but it isn't likely that I'll be posting too much from now to the end of the school year.  I'll get in the weekly training blog but beyond that I think it will be a bit light.  I've got the track team added to the regular schedule for the next few weeks and Melissa and I are probably moving and are doing some work on our current place to get it ready to sell so we are VERY busy.

  Hope your training is going well!


Anonymous said...

Hey nate big fan!
I listened to your podcast with jay Johnson and I have always been curious about canovas training but since then I have been digging deeper. I have plenty of notes between the publications and letsrun on the bigger picture stuff and the specific type of workouts that he says. But I'm not sure on how to structure my weeks and what exactly to do day in and day out again I understand the big picture stuff that he high lights. I would love to talk to you in more detail about canovas training.
I currently have run 1:07:54 for the half and 14:37 for 5k. I plan on training for another half or 2 this coming fall before I get into the marathon in later years.

Mike said...

Hey Nate, Glad to see you finally taking some time for yourself. It's good and you need it. Continue it big time. In time you will get that special opportunity to go for the kill.

Anonymous said...

Still training? Hope all is good.

Patrick Bugbee said...

Hope things are well. A recent post from a site I follow may be of interest (or perhaps you were consulted/referenced?):

Anonymous said...

Hi Nate

Hope all is well, are you blogging elsewhere or just taking a break?

Nate Jenkins said...

Just not blogging. No time. I am training. I am somewhat fit. I am pretty healthy. I am well.

Anonymous said...


great to hear, will keep an eye out on results.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nate, always hope your doing well. I guess I am being selfish but could you tell one more of your classic running stories, or training techniques, or something running
related, please, please, please! All the other running blogs are quite boring compared to yours. I recently looked at the Halls and almost fell asleep! Yours was by far the best. Nothing even close. So boring! Mario's competitor is like reading an old newspaper. Dave Dunham is killing me talking about fire towers. Casey Moulton is always running 7:30. It could be the end of the world and he would still run that pace. Though,Jim Johnson's brief blogging is interesting cause I love his metal detecting adventures. Please just this once Nate. One Xmas present,please. I loved the block story with Ruben. I eat that stuff up. The skeptics would say where was Nate? Try dead tired. Anyhow, you saved that house from burning down.

Nate Jenkins said...

I hope to post a bit during Christmas break.
I feel your pain by the way. There have been some great blogs out there but at times there seems to be dearth. Check out Ryan Vail's he is returning from injury and trying to desperately to get fit in time for the trials. As a 2:10 guy he may never have better chance to make the team. Meb is over 40 and just ran NY, Abdi is 39 and hasn't run a marathon since the Olympics, Ritz is always a bad day away from an injury, Hall is for the time being lost in the tall grass. Suddenly every 2:10 to 2:11 guy who can just equal his best day has a damn good chance of getting on the team.
Anyway sorry I'm not posting. I love doing it but frankly with school, 120 mile weeks and just basic life shit, making dinner, etc.. I just don't find the time.

mike said...

Thanks Nate! Always insightful. Your hands down the best, honest and never scared. Tim Ritchie ran a race recently, but I don't think it was in his best interest. Long runs are. He's one more race away from hindering his chances. I hope he has the race of his life. He is really a nice guy. Your 120 mile weeks are very serious material. Again, thanks!

mike said...

Unfortunate update, but Mr. Vail has a nice blog but when he runs his miles he keeps his times CIA which drives me crazy! I guess I am too critical which isn't that good.

mike said...

I too have been battling a coordination injury and it must be noted that running on a treadmill with this is like dancing with the devil. One lousy workout sets me back physically and mentally. The pounding works it's way up my spine and to my brain.So when the trash weather comes I will dance once every 4 days. Lately though I have been consistently dancing and feeling like a dog because when I get out of work it's dark and I wear glasses and when it's foggy I basically can't see at all and just hope that I don't hit a pothole which is my nightmare scenario.