Sunday, January 31, 2016

Training January 25 to 31

Monday PM 11.8 miles in 1:16:32. first 6 with Uta.  No am run because of alarm clock mishap.

Tuesday AM 10k with Uta in 44:51
               PM Mona Fartlek- covered 3.95 miles in the 20mins (5:03 pace), 3.3 warm up with Uta, then another half mile of jogging and strides, some light drills, 5k cool down in 22mins - decent improvement from two weeks ago.

Wednesday PM 16.7 in 1:49:07, didn't feel great.  fighting coordination most of the second half

Thursday AM 10k with Uta in 43:50
                  PM at gym- 3 miles warm up on Curve treadmill in 21:42- that is pretty quick on the curve. 10 lap to mile indoor track- skipping warm up, light drills, 8 short strides mixed into a half mile of jogging. 3 miles of sprint float sprint- doing half lap on half lap off- about 80meters- 15:22. mile 1- 5:10 2 miles- 10:21 so last mile was a 5:01. 3 mile cool down on track in 19:38.

Friday AM 10k with Uta in 46:09
             PM 12.2 miles in 1:21:32

Saturday AM 2 mile warm up in 15:36, skipping warm up, light drills, 12.8 mile fundamental tempo in 1:09:13(5:24 pace), fighting coordination the last two miles or so. did two loops of glendale/winter loop first loop 34:43(1-5:25, 2-10:44(5:19), 3-16:12(5:28), 4-21:38(5:26), 5- 27:03 (5:25), 6-32:33(5:30)- .4 in 2:10- 2nd loop (34:30)- 1-5:22, 2-10:44(5:22), 3-16:06(5:22), 4- 21:28(5:22), 5-26:50(5:22), 6- 32:21(5:31) last .4 in 2:09.  bit under a half mile cool down back to the house.

Sunday Noon 16 miles, first 6 with Uta, 1:45:34.
              PM 90minutes bikram yoga

 Decent week around 116 miles or so.  No new issues. That is good. Plantar facia is tight in both feet.  This is pretty standard for me in the winter it seems.  I have decided to add foot strengthening exercises to the routine and try to build them up to the point where this never happens again.  We'll see how that goes.  The sprint/float/sprint was about the same as last time.  The mona was a good step forward. The fundamental run was good.  That is not a flat loop. Not killer but not flat. I have been fighting the coordination quite a bit which is surprising because I'm doing a lot of strength for the shoulders/back.  Maybe I'm being lazy on the runs in terms of holding form or maybe there is something I'm not seeing.  It isn't awful, heck of a lot better than it has been for years but it is there and it is a problem. 

 Next weekend I get to check the fitness with the Race Menu Super Sunday 5 mile.  I have run it the last 3 years- 2013- 1st- 25:21- actually had thrown my back out and was in pretty bad way, 2014- first 24:22- I was quite fit.  2015- 2nd- 24:31- very strong but very hard to run under 4:55 pace.  I want to be under 25, that gets one of my annual goals out of the way early and it is a sign of decent fitness.  I would actually like to be under 24:30 but I just don't know where I'm at.  Weather focast says we may have rain or snow showers that morning so I'll just have to wait and see.  This is a real nice race but obviously the weather this time of year can be a bear.  I've run it 4 times.  No snow outs yet. One time it was flurries. Twice it has been pretty cold. Once is was very cold 14 degrees, very windy. windchill well under zero back when it was a 10k down in back bay.  I ran great, 29:45 from the front.  I'm not that fit right now but it looks like the weather will be about 20 degrees warmer.

 Hope you are well and you had a great week.  Also if you want to know why more athletes don't put out detailed blogs or respond to comments on them check out these two blogs by Leslie O'Dell.  Michael Weinberg blog stalker and Part 2 .  Michael has posted on here before and most of what he sent me was much tamer but he is an example of the type of low life that ruins it for everybody and he certainly isn't alone or the worst I have seen but when you start wondering why every elite doesn't have a well updated blog keep in mind almost all have started one at one time or another and very quickly have run ins with jerks like this. 


Matt Slocum said...

Nice week of training Nate and good luck at the 5-miler on Sunday

Nate Jenkins said...

Thank you, Matt.