Sunday, January 24, 2016

Training Week January 18 to 24

Monday-  So Sunday I had woken up with a very bad stomach ache.  I ran but only a few miles and it was very unpleasant. Melissa examined me after the run because it was obvious I wasn't doing well.   She said it seemed like I might have appendicitis which I laughed off because it was crazy talk.  I don't have time for that shit.  There must be lots of things that cause abdominal pain with guarding and rebound pain in the lower right quadrant.  So Monday AM I wasn't any better.  Melissa examined me again and said I needed to go to the hospital.  So off I went.  What the heck I had a holiday anyway.  Who wants to do you know do stuff on their day off.   In the ER I explained to Doc. it was her job to prove my wife wrong and tell me I was fine.  She did an exam.  "Well I agree with your wife that seems like classic appendicitis.  So we'll do an ultra sound and a cat scan with a barium swallow and see for sure." So I spent the rest of my day in a Hospital bed getting wheeled around like an invalid drinking barium, which wasn't half as bad as most people say.  I had vanilla and it was just like a protein shake.  The contrast injection during the catscan was definitely  weird but ok.  Finally at about 5pm the Doc. came in.  "I can't believe this but you don't have appendicitis."  I was elated.  I would have hugged her except you know my stomach really hurt and I was in one of those stupid flimsy sheets they give you that accomplish nothing but making you feel like you must be on deaths door.
  She seemed really worried that she didn't have an answer for what was causing my pain other then a intestinal virus of some sort.  I wasn't.  My question- "Anything that would kill me would have shown up on the imaging right?"   The answer was yes and I was on my way.

 Fun notes from the day.  The tech doing the ultra sound had a damn freak out because of the size of one of the veins in my abdomen.  She kept going over it again and again and I'm like it doesn't hurt there.  The brings in the doc in charge who immediately says to me "your a runner, right?"  Then explains that runners get huge veins there and shows there the other side to show they are the same on both sides.  She then says "I have to admit I've never seen one quite that big."  I say "Well I was a World Championship marathoner." It felt nice to not be talking about my weakness and ailments but to be bragging for a moment.

Tuesday- took my first ever sick day from work.- My current work, although as I'm thinking about it it may be my first sick day from any work ever.  In which case we have to go back to 6th grade for the last time I took a sick day.   Anyway I actually felt better, not good, but improved.  I jogged 5 miles with Melissa in 36mins. I slept a lot.

Wednesday AM 5.7 miles with Melissa and Uta in 42mins
                     PM 10.1 miles in 66mins

Thursday AM 6.2 miles with Uta in 42mins
                  PM 3 mile warm up, light drills, strides, 5k tempo- bit short of 5k bit long of 3 actually but you get the point- 15:14- 1.1(5:19), 2.1-10:16(4:57), 3.1- 15:14(4:58), 35 seconds recovery with a bit of A-skip, 4x400m hill with jog down recoveries- 1:39(2:07), 1:42(2:12), 1:39(2:11), 1:40(2:06) 2 mile cool down.

Friday AM 5.7 with Melissa and Uta 41mins
             PM 11.1, first 6 miles with Uta, then solo 1:14:17

Saturday AM 4 warm up, skipping warm up, light drills, strides, 3 mile tempo run on new winter/foster street dumbbell- 15:05 (4:58, 10:00)  3 mile cool down.

                 PM 6 miles of road and trail exploring 44mins.

Sunday AM 90mins of Bikram yoga
              PM Long run- first 9.8 with Melissa in 69mins then solo for 11.2 with the last mile in 5:04 which actually felt pretty good.

Summary another bumpy week at the start of the year.  The workout thursday was good the long run wasn't bad the tempo was kinda shitty. Not really sure about that.  It was real cold and the hills had really kicked my ass so they may not have been fully out of my system yet.  Stomach finally started to feel normal on Saturday.  Good to have that behind me.  Hopefully a smooth week this week.
  Hope you all are doing well and the winter isn't being too hard on you.

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