Sunday, August 21, 2016

Training??? Week of August 15 to 21, 2016

  I have to start with a bit of Olympic talk.  It has been amazing as someone who started competitive running in the 1990's to see the current state of US distance running is amazing.  Again and again you heard and read about how Americans would never win Olympic medals again. We couldn't compete with the Africans.  Look at us now!  It isn't just the medals either.  The women in the Marathon, 3 in the top 10! Top 10 in the Olympics is the real deal.  Jared Ward, largely viewed as the 'other guy' on the marathon team gets a 6th in the marathon in a field with a dozen or so sub 2:07 men running 2:11:30 in 72 degrees with 94% humidity.  That is real racing!  From top of the team to the bottom it is amazing how far we have come.

  Ok my running or lack there of…

Monday- bikram yoga 90mins

Tueday- bikram yoga 90mins.  One 2.2 mile run of 4mins jogging 1min walking, 15:22 total time

Wednesday nothing of note

Thursday bikram yoga 90mins, one 3.1 mile run of 4mins jogging 1min walking, 22:36

Friday bikram yoga 90mins

Saturday 30mins of 4mins jogging 1min walking around phillips fields

Sunday Nothing of note

 Other than that each day I do 25 to 35 mins of exercises to help with injury recovery.  Each days set are different and they range from stretches, to body weight strength stuff, to drills, to mashing(self massage with a lacrosse or accumobility ball).

  Hope you're running more than me!

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