Sunday, October 23, 2016

Training October 17 to 23, 2016

Monday AM road 4 miles with Uta in 32:06, tot.4
               PM road 4.1 miles with Uta in 27:46 tot. 4.1

Tuesday AM 4.1 miles in a cold rain with Melissa and Uta, 34:17 tot. 4.1
               PM longer bear hill loop, 5.5 miles, solo in 37:20, with last two miles up tempo, 5:39, 5:38
                      tot. 5.5

Wednesday AM 4 miles with Uta in 31:53 tot. 4
                     PM 4.1 miles with Uta in 27:23 tot. 4.1

Thursday AM 4 miles with Uta in 30:15, tot. 4
                  PM from school, did 24min warm up, full drill set, 15mins, 22x100m 'on the minute',
                         slowest was 16.51, fastest was 15.50 mostly between 15.9 and 16.2, felt very relaxed
                        aerobically but muscles in low legs and hip area a little tired on the last 4, felt smooth
                        and very relaxed, not sprinting.  Which as slow as these are for most decent male
                        runners I often feel like I am SPRINTING to run under 16 flat or faster.  5min cool
                        down tot. 5 miles or so….

Friday AM 4.1 miles with a bathroom stop at 2 miles- in 33:08.  Had a 24 hour stomach bug so this
                    was it for the day tot. 4.1

Saturday AM 4 miles on road with Uta, 27:56.  I had planned some tempo for today but after not
                        eating anything yesterday and losing some decent fluid weight I was feeling pretty weak
                        so an easy jog and my exercises were it for the day. tot. 4

Sunday AM 1:04:00 running easy around Franklin Park before Melissa's race.  Lot of running
                     Celebrity spottings, Anna Willard, who is coaching melissa, Mary Cain, Tim Broe.  Of
                     course Ruben Sanca- Always love seeing that guy. Got to chat with a few other UML
                     types and see the local crowd.  Nice morning.  Part of me was wishing to be racing, but I
                     wanted to be FIT and racing, so the other half of me was VERY happy to be on the
                     sidelines and not trying to do battle in a competitive XC race with my current tools which
                     are pretty dull…. tot. 9??
              PM 90mins bikram yoga

Summary about 56 miles for the week.  Two moderate sessions, one stomach bug and just about the best session of yoga I have ever had.  Ok week.  Hard time with the 4:45 wake ups this week.  Hopefully no hiccups next week and I can get in 3 decent sessions and a few more miles.  Hope your training is going well.


Eamonn Murphy said...

Hi Nate,
I've been following your return from injury with great interest and am glad to see there's been no setbacks so far. I've noticed that you have gone straight back into doubles despite being on relatively low mileage (for you at any rate). I'd love to hear your reasoning behind this.
All the best,

Nate Jenkins said...

Normally I wouldn't jump back into doubles quickly. I would build up to single runs of 10 to 12 miles before going to doubles. In this case I'm focusing a lot of holding good form and as I go much more than 40mins I start to notice the form coming apart a bit so I'm not ready to regularly go longer but I'm not tired after a 4 to 6 mile run so bouncing back for a second session isn't that hard. Keep in mind I've run a double most days since early 1999 so my body is very used to that so it's a relatively low risk play for a guy like me but for someone with a different training history it could be a very stupid idea.

Ben said...

Can you talk / write a bit about your drills? You seem to do them multiple times per week, is this the same routine?

Anyway, just curious. Love reading the blog, of course!

Eamonn Murphy said...

Thanks for the response, always good to hear the thinking behind someone's training. My own thoughts were that it was in order to return to the routine of doubles before increasing mileage but your answer makes more sense.

Nate Jenkins said...

to be honest I'm doing more exercises than running at the moment but I am leaving most of that stuff off because it is so form specific I don't want to write down these list of exercises and have people getting hurt because either they are doing the exercises with poor form or they are doing the wrong exercises for their form. That said the drills are pretty generic and I'm happy to list them out. Keep in mind however I am working very hard at doing them with very good form and checking in with Anna every couple of weeks to make sure I'm doing them properly and I feel I'm getting more out of them than I have in the past. Whether that is true or not I have been able to do a+c skip for the first time ever so at minimum I'm improving there.
Full drills currently is a walk, b walk, a+c walk, backwards walk, fast leg exchange with hold, a skip, b skip, a+c skip, back wards skip, hopping in place, fast leg exchange with 3 hops, straight leg shuffle with a skip both sides (2 drills left and right) then shuffle with a skip alternating legs, ankle dribbles and calf dribbles. If I do a light set of drills it is usually a mix of 4 to 6 of these.


Ben said...

Great. Thank you very much.
I dont have time to run much past 50 mpw. But, I have found doing plyometrics and strength training to really help. Cant help but think adding a few drills would help too.