Sunday, November 13, 2016

Training Blog November 7 to 13, 2016 Getting Back On Track

 Monday AM 4 miles with Uta, 28:41
                PM Anna for massage, box jumps and squats, generally when I squat I'm doing very light
                       weight but Anna wanted me to get in the range of a full squat PB so we could use it to
                       set my regular weight at proper percentages.  I ended up at 175 which is basically my
                       bodywieght.  Anna seemed sure I could do more but we were out of time and frankly I
                       couldn't do much more.

Tuesday AM no run late night at Vet last night, Uta had an allergic reaction to something,

               PM this run was actually really late because I had my annual physical after work, 4 miles solo
                       in 25:51, box jumps after, 10x20in, 10x24in, 6 x 30in tot. 4

Wednesday AM 4 miles solo on roads, Uta has the next few days off while she is doped up on
                             benadryl, 27:23 tot. 4
                     PM 4 miles in 25:57, box jumps after 10x20in, 10x 24in, 10x30in, tot. 4

Thursday AM 4 miles in 26:56, tot. 4
                  PM 2+ warm up, 15:08, basic drills- a skip, b skip, a+c skip, backwards skip, side skips,
                         side cross over skips, ankle dribbles, 400m at tempo effort-79.3, 30x100m on the
                         minute- i.e. the next rep starts exactly 1minute after the last rep started, slowest was
                         16.4 it was the first rep, fastest was 15.4 it was the last rep, I averaged just under 16 for
                         the full thing, just about a half mile cool down tot. 5+

Friday AM 4.1 miles with Uta, in 25:11. This was at about 10:30am because I had the day off and did
                    blood work for my annual physical in the morning tot. 4.1
            PM road 4.3 miles first 3.1 with Melissa and Uta, in 30:48 tot. 4.3

Saturday AM 6 miles give or take around Phillips Academy while Melissa did a workout, did the first
                        14mins with Melissa and Uta, rest solo, 41:17 tot. 6
                 PM porter road 4mile solo 26:51 tot. 4.1

Sunday AM at Chelmsford rail trail, walking drills- a walk, b walk, a+c walk, backwards walk, both sideways walks, 2.6 mile warm up in 18:23, drills- a skip, b skip, a+c skip, backwards skip, 2 mile tempo from 6 mile mark to 4 mile mark- light wind at back and I think this direction is slightly down hill though this trail is so flat it is very hard to tell-10:20.88(5:09.33/5:11.57), drills- fast exchange, straight leg skip with left A skip, straight leg skip with right A skip, straight leg skip with alternating A skip, (3:58), 2 mile tempo from 4 mile to 6 mile mark- 10:33.80(5:15.85/5:17.95), drills- side skip, side skip with cross, ankle dribbles, calve dribbles(3:37),  2 mile tempo from 6 mile back to 4 mile- 10:16.66(5:08.14/5:08.52).  0.6 cool down in 4:24.  Depending on if you count drills or the jog backs on drills towards the distance or not something in the 9 to 10 mile range for a total distance.

PM Bikram Yoga for 90mins.  Seemed to help the knee. Felt good overall.

Summary Back moving forward again.  Around 53 miles for the week two workouts that I'm quite happy with. Some tightness behind the left knee which seems to be a reaction to actually toeing off on that side.  Something to watch and work on but not something I'm freaking out about. Pelvis/hip seems much improved. Hopefully stretch the miles to the 60-70 range this week and get a moderate effort in addition to the two main sessions.


Danny said...

Hi Nate,

I'm just wondering why you do the 100's on the minute so often? Rather than something like 15x 30/45 seconds or even 20x60 seconds.


Nate Jenkins said...

Two answers to one question.
1. Currently I have been doing the 100's on the minute as my focus was just building the volume of the workout without increasing any other stimulus, i.e. the volume of the reps, until I got up to 3000m of total volume. Then I was going to do 150's but had the sore hip/pelvis and didn't do speed for a week and then didn't want to jump back into the session with an increase so I opted instead to repeat the last session I had done and then increase from there. Tonight I'm hoping to get over to the track and do 20x150 at the same pace on 90seconds.
2. Generally speaking the key to 100's for me is time, they are about 15 seconds long. That means they are alactic. Ie no lactic acid is produced. This means the whole focus of your bodies energy systems is different. Now after 30 of these you will certainly hit a point where some latic acid is produced in the muscle even with the long rests but the key is very very little is produced. The session is about running quickly with good form to build muscular strength and endurance. Now I will extend this session to 150's on 90s then 200's on 2mins, 300s on 3mins and perhaps 400's on 4mins. Keeping the global volume the same at around 3000m to 2miles. Notice the rest stay very long and the effort would stay very light. This is not a hard workout. This is not a session to work hard in. This is a session to focus on relaxation at speed. A session to float through. As such even as I increase as I have described on alternate weeks I will go back to the 100's and frankly I have in the past and likely will in the future have long stretches where I don't do anything but the 100's because it is the easiest way to build the desired strength without straining and by avoiding that I can do the best job of teaching myself to run fast smoothly and efficiently.

Jacob said...

Nate - I have 3 questions on the 100s.

1) When you get to 300s on 3 mins or 400s on 4 mins will you still be running them at the 60 sec/400 pace?

2) How would you go about fitting this type of session into a half marathon or marathon training schedule? The idea of improving my relaxation and efficiency at faster paces is appealing to me, as for me the limiting factor in races 10K and down is speed, not endurance, but it also doesn't seem productive to spend one of my two workouts each week running 100s.

3) Do you do this in trainers, flats, or spikes?

Nate Jenkins said...

1) Yes they would still be about the same pace, which is more like 64s pace but the exact pace isn't super important. Speed with relaxation is important. Mile, 800m, 400m race pace I don't really care needs to be in that range needs to be relaxed. Recovery needs to be full, not bullshit full, actually full. I have a huge aerobic engine and very little speed, so on the minute works but for most people that might not be enough. This is only a moderate session. I never feel tired. When I stop I feel I could keep going, I mean some muscular fatigue but no acid burn, no heavy breathing.

2. I would do it once a week starting in the base continuing right up to the end of the season. I might cut the volume to 10 to 15 the week of my biggest race. I wouldn't worry about progressing it beyond the 100's. I think the idea of this not being productive as one of your two workouts is a fundamental misunderstanding of what is accomplished with this workout, what systems need to be worked on to achieve better distance running performance and how to build your bodies capability to run fast for a long time. What I mean is you need muscular work, and this is super running specific muscular work. This is the 2nd most important type of training to distance running success behind aerobic work. Thing is every easy run is aerobic work so I'm not too worried that you aren't getting any of that. Many people are only getting muscular work when they are doing anaerobic workouts which means they are massively ignoring the 2nd most important system in their quest to run fast.

3. Any of them. I don't wear spikes much but if I had a race coming up that I was planning on wearing spikes then I would throw them on in this to help get use to them. I often do this in trainers, but my trainers are generally flats. Honestly I think the shoes are fairly unimportant in this case.


Danny said...

I just learned a lot. Thank you Nate.