Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekly Training Blog November 21 to 27, 2016

Monday AM road 4 with Uta in 30:05 tot. 4
               3:30PM dead lifts, handstands and massage with Anna
              6 PM 5.8 with Uta extended Bear hill loop, 37:17 tot. 5.8

Tuesday AM road 4 with Melissa and Uta in 30:55 tot. 4
               PM 10k version of bear hill loop with last 3 miles progressively faster, 5:28, 5:27, 5:21
                      actually more progressive than it looks as each of those miles was a bit tougher terrain
                      than the one before it. squats after tot. 6.25

Wednesday AM road 4 mile in cold rain with Uta, no time I forgot the watch. tot. 4
                     PM coventry 10k loop solo, 41:07, first run of the week in the daylight, thank you half
                           day!! tot. 6.25

Thursday AM road and trail 10+ with Uta, 66:11, box jumps after tot. 10
                   Spent the rest of the day cooking and eating.

Friday AM coventry 10k solo, 40:25, cold rain, dead lifts after tot. 6.25
            PM road 4 with Uta, 28:29, I felt good, Uta did not want to go any faster than that. tot. 4

Saturday AM raced European style( there were hay bails, and it was multiple loops of the same
                        course) xc race in Woburn, listed as 4k, Chris Mahoney's garmin had it at 2.83, I won in 14:37,
                        ok effort but not great. I'll take it, total of 10 miles with drills if you include warm up and
                        cool down etc.. tot. 10
                 PM road 4 with Uta, she needed her run and I wanted to flush the legs a bit, 29:36, tot. 4

Sunday AM road 12.1, first 5.2 with Melissa in 37:40, then solo, 1:22:55, did squats after tot. 12.1
              PM 90 mins bikram yoga

This is my form looking decent at the start of the race.

Summary ~76 miles for the week, two good efforts.  Downside was I didn't get in the extensive muscular session, though I got in more intensive muscular work than usual so not all bad.  A good step towards regular running, which I generally view as 90 to 110 miles a week around work but more honestly anything over 80 is fine.  So hopefully this week I step up to that.
  I need to come up with a winter workout plan.  I know the types of workouts my body needs but I need to figure out workouts and locations for those workouts that will work with the weather and footing that is soon to be arriving.  I don't have an indoor track at my disposal unless I want to spend some very late nights going into Boston and with 4:40am wake up calls that is a fools errand.  I have been loving the flat rail trail for tempo stuff and I will continue to use it until snow and ice forces me off it.  Anyway that will be my focus mentally this week.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to do two week micro cycles. I know some of the workouts I want to do.  I know all of the types of workouts I need to do.  I want to find a flat, low traffic mile stretch of road, if it could be within 3 miles of my house I would die of joy but so far that isn't presenting itself.  I'd also like to find a flat loop or longer straight stretch for tempo work but so far I'm struggling there as well but I may find something by driving to it on that one.  I need to figure out how I'm going to attack the muscular side of things.  In the past I have done hills but my core isn't strong enough yet to hold form consistently on hills so that would be counter productive, but sprinting in 12 degree weather on icy roads isn't exactly ideal either.   Anyway at least I'm confident I'll be doing some real training, now I just have to sort the details.   Hope your running is going well.


brady said...

Random here, but if you have any tips for running with your dog, I'd love to hear them. I have a husky mix that can go for days, but it's not without a number of stops, running into me, or randomly getting hyper and sprinting all over the place mid-run. He needs his exercise, so I'm trying to train him to run along side. Any thoughts?

Matt Slocum said...

good week Nate. looks like things are coming together and progressing nicely

Nate Jenkins said...


Brady- First Melissa did most of the work with Uta, and she is an incredible well trained dog. The stuff Melissa has trained her to do I can barely believe. That said a few pointers, practice makes perfect. Uta took time that is for sure. Second a waist leash is awesome, you can grab the line if you need to make a correction but the rest of the time your hands are free, we use a mushing harness and ski jorging waist leash from nooksack racing, very reasonable prices and they are custom made. I still run with a regular leash most of the time but the waist leash can be awesome particularly in the beginning or if you are going to run fast. Third PRAISE THAT DOG! when the dog does something the least little bit correct praise the hell out of her/him in a high excited voice. I still do this with Uta when she does even the simplest thing, like taking a right turn on command. She does it right all the time so she gets praised all the time. People probably think I'm crazy going by but it works. Finally build a good training outside running with your dog. The carry over is huge. If the dog is used to doing shaping work and the like teaching running is super easy. If you don't know how to do that stuff search Susan Garrett.

brady said...

Great tips Nate, thanks for all the details! I'm working on it, and it's coming along slowly but surely. I started running carrying some small treats for when he does things correctly, or to help positively reinforce good behavior. Thanks again and keep up the great writing!