Sunday, January 29, 2017

Training January 23 to 29, 2017

Monday AM road 4.25, 34:03, first 3 miles with Uta and Melissa.
               PM Raleigh tavern 10 mile, 1:06:58, felt good. 6x6 dead lifts after starting at 125 up to 175lbs.

Tuesday PM road 4 with Uta and Melissa, 32:03.  Felt really run down today and it was a cold rain.  I should have gone to the gym but it seemed like it was down raining.  I decided to scrap the workout and take a hot shower.
Run this one from last weekend again because I'm too lazy to take up to date photos.

Wednesday PM 13.3 on roads solo, 1:26:27.

Thursday AM road 4 with Uta, 30:36
                 PM 3.1 warm up, drills and strides 6x mile point to point on dale st. with 3mins recovery during which I would do 3 or 4 drills, odds were wind at my back, evens were into a pretty solid wind, I didn't check pace on the watch much, or at all on some reps, just ran what felt like 10k to half marathon pace range.  the point to point is not track flat at all but no serious hills either. Basically lightly rolling the whole way.  4:59, 5:06, 5:00, 5:06, 4:57, 5:09.   10 seconds recovery then 2.7 cool down, interestingly total distance was actually a tenth longer then the medium long run last night, with the drills included.  I was not really feeling doing a workout tonight so I was happy to get this done.

Friday AM road 4 with Uta, 29:37
            PM Raleigh tavern 10 mile, 1:07:17, 6x6 squats after starting at 95lbs up to 145lbs.

Saturday AM road 4 with Uta, 27:06 tot. 4
Puppy sitting round two

               PM at North Andover track, 3 mile warm up, extensive drill set, 30x100 with jog back recovery.  Averaged 15.7 with a fast rep of 15.4 and a slow rep of 16.1, it was windy but it was from the side. 3 mile cool down. 

Sunday AM 2.1 warm up with Uta, drop her off at house, jog 3/10ths to my start area.  Some drills- a skip, b skip, c skip, fast exchange, both side drills both ways, karaoke, 3 hop fast exchange, hopping, 1 stride,  15 mile fundamental tempo on figure 8 loop.  stopped for 3 hop fast exchange just after 8 mile split- a mile earlier then 2 weeks ago, to avoid losing coordination. Felt very tired the last mile, 5:49 average pace.  Fastest mile 5:40 (1st, 7th, and 13th), slowest mile 6:12- 9th with drills mixed in, for an all running mile my 2nd mile was 5:59, 45 feet elevation gain from start to finish.   3/10ths cool down back to house. total a bit over 18 miles.

Summary 96 miles for the week, three good sessions, though the 100's certainly are not a hard session more of a moderate, like a quality training run in terms of what they take out of you but mentally your not on auto pilot nearly as much.  The fundamental tempo is also a fairly moderate effort, my HR never exceeded 155 and generally stays in the 140's, came up as I struggled at the end today.  I think my max is around 200 to 205.
  Missing the workout Tuesday was stupid.  I planned on going to the gym but the rain seemed to have stopped so I changed up and did my exercises and headed out the door.  Perhaps a half hour had passed and it was back to a soaking cold rain.  I was chilled to the bone after a 4 mile warm up so I called it.  Very avoidable.  Ended up with a good week overall so not a huge deal but a bit frustrating.  I'm not a kid anymore so I don't like making dumb mistakes.
  A bit on the fundamental tempo.  As you may have noticed I'm measuring my runs with a garmin since Christmas. Thank you Melissa!!  I really love it. For the most part it turns out I have been running a bit more than I thought.  That said it seems when I run faster the garmin says I'm not going as far.  I mentioned the Mona loop last week.  With the fundamental tempo loop it is similar.  So according to the garmin I ran 15 miles at 5:49 pace. According to gmap pedometer it was 15.55 miles at 5:36 pace.  Honestly it doesn't matter much to me which is right or if it was somewhere in between.  That said it is important for me to recognize that when gauging fitness I have measured loops using gmaps for years so it is an apple and orange comparison to say "oh today I could only run 5:49 pace and back in the day I did 5:22 pace I suck."   So regardless of which measure is correct what is important in comparison is realizing I'm 14 seconds per mile behind my better efforts not 27 seconds per mile.
  Next this week I stopped a mile earlier for the drills then when I did this session two weeks ago.  I actually think this might be good news.  I have for a while believed that my shoulder mobility and weakness issues.  This week I added new shoulder exercises.  Basically reverse pull ups.  That said I'm sore as hell in my lats and shoulders and that I struggled to hold coordination in that state makes me think I'll do a much better job of holding coordination when I make progress in improving this area.   In the mean time I was very excited that doing the 3 hop fast exchange again seems like a complete reset. I think I would have made it to at least 16 miles in control which is awesome.
  Hope you had a good week of training.

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