Sunday, January 15, 2017

Training Week January 9 to 15, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, 5 degrees, 30:23 tot. 4
               PM raliegh tavern 10, roads snowy/icy, 1:11:07, dead lifts after 7x6 starting a 115lbs up to 175lbs

Tuesday PM 3 warm up with Uta, drop her off, jog to start of loop, drills, strides, 3 mile tempo on winter street dumbell, 15:33, felt good, 10x 30 second hills focus on form, putting weight in ass/driving knees about 90% effort, 3 mile cool down.

Wednesday PM raliegh tavern 12.1 solo, legs tired after yesterday, 1:21:54

Thursday AM road 4 solo, 30:24
                 PM so warm I got to wear shorts, raliegh tavern 10 solo, first 3 easy, middle 4 I mixed in 20 short sprints, last 3 easy, 1:07:33, 6x6 squats after start at 95lbs up to 135lbs

Friday PM boxford 10 mile, we did a potluck lunch at school and I ate way too much and it made this run pretty unpleasant, 1:11:16

Friday night we puppy sat Anna's new puppy Luca.  As you can see this was very rough on Uta.

Saturday AM road 4 mile with Uta, 25:58 
                PM 3 plus warm up, full drills, couple light strides, 16x200m average 32.0 with slow 200 jog recovery, average 1:15. 3+ cool down, legs bit flat but kept it pretty easy.  Would have liked to be a bit quicker but more important to keep this relaxed and muscular only. 

Sunday AM 3 warm up with Uta, drop her off, jog bit under a half mile out to start, a skip, b skip, a+c skip, fast exchange, side skips (2 types), fast exchange with 3 hops, hopping. 13 mile fundamental tempo, 1:15:31 on rolling course, felt pretty easy.  Coordination started to act up at about 9 miles so I did 3 hop fast exchange for 40 meters or so and felt great from then on.  I actually felt like I could just keep going. 

Summary 95 miles for week, 1 fairly hard workout and 3 nice moderate sessions.  I'm very happy with this week.  I really enjoyed the fundamental tempo and was very happy with how the leg felt after the 3 hop fast exchange.  Time will tell if this helps to get me to stop losing coordination all together so I can race long but in terms of doing a workout like this I'm fine with doing 40 meters of drills every 8 to 10 miles.  Anything to do this quicker long runs.  I absolutely love running easy at a good clip for longer distances. 
  Only downside this week was missing a few morning runs.  I was feeling like I was on the edge of a cold all week and slept in to 5:50am a couple of days to try and stay not sick. 

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