Tuesday, June 19, 2007

training June 11 to 17

Monday AM woods 9 easy, 1:00:56, started w/ Gary and Mark Garcia, strides after tot. 10

Tuesday AM 3 w/up strides, 2x3k w/ a 3:00 800m for rest windy and hot, 9:19, 9:13. Had
planned on going faster and continueing to cut down and doing more but the heat
really got me, 3 cool down tot. 11
PM 3 w/up 11x 15sec. hills jog down plus rest, went better then last time but still not
recovering great from these things, 3 cool down tot. 7

Wednesday AM trail 9 at mines falls, no time tot. 9

Thursday PM rd. and tar path 6 in Peoria, IL. hot hot, 40:50, a few strides after tot. 6++

Friday AM Jogged steamboat course and added on a bit w/ hansons and former hansons guys,
full drills after tot. 5

Saturday AM 20 min w/up with Mario Macias, strides jogging drills ect. race Steamboat 4 mile,
11th place, 18:50 splits (4:35, 9:13(4:37), 14:00(4:46), 4:50 last mile, 20 min
w/down tot. 11
PM 45:04 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot.6

Sunday AM 1:07:26 on trails in east Peoria w/ Jon Brown and Kathy Butler tot. 9
PM travel home

Summary 69 miles, one shitty workout, one decent race. It was real hot and the pace just kept picking up, I got dropped just before 2 miles from the lead pack and fought my way in. I had really hoped to run about 18:30, but with the heat and the day I had I'm ok with it. I got a couple of real good scalps but not ending up in the top 10 was real disappointing. It was real hot in Peoria, the humidity wasn't too bad but it was 92 plus every day and it didn't cool off too much at any point in the day.

Quote of the week "Have no fear of robbers or murderers. They are external dangers, petty
dangers. We should fear ourselves. Prejudices are the real robbers; vices the
real murderers." Victor Hugo Les Miserables (p. 27)

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