Tuesday, June 5, 2007

training May 28 to June 3

Monday AM trail 9 at mine falls solo, no time easy tot. 9
PM rd. and trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 41:01 tot. 5

Tuesday AM woods 9 solo, easy, 58:44 tot. 9
PM trail 5 solo shakeout in tewksbury, 40:09 tot. 5

Wednesday off bad stomach bug, up all night, up all day

Thursday AM woods 9, easy no time, full drills after tot. 9
XT full drills

Friday AM woods 4 shakeout, 30:42, stomach bad tot. 4
PM 5k w/up strides ect... race Moonlight 5k in New Milford Ct. 8th place, 1st American,
14:21 (rolling course) splits (4:30, 9:07) let it go a bit the last mile I was separated
from the lead pack and frustrated. 3 cool down w/ shannon tot. 10+

Saturday AM rd. and trail, 9 in Tewksbury, 1:01:53 tot. 9
PM trail 5 shakeout w/ shannon, 40:00, some light springing after, my right Achilles
was a bit tight. tot. 5

Sunday AM 3 w/up with Gary, strides ect... race Rhody 5k in Lincoln RI, 4th place, 2nd
American, 14:33, splits 4:40.9, 9:23.3(4:42.4), 14:00.5(4:37.2) 28 minute cool down
with Martin Fagan, Pat Tarpy, John Mortimer, Marc Carroll and a whirlaway guy
who's name I don't remember tot. 11

Summery, 76 miles for the week, thanks to the stomach bug. No workouts, thanks to the stomach bug, two races both under my old 5k road pr. Honestly I was happy with sundays race I was tired but they were too but those guys simply are better then me over 5k and I'm ok with that but I ran competitively and got a good effort out of my self. the finish seems slow but there were two sharp awkward turns a funky steep 10 foot uphill and the soft dog track to deal with after the 3 mile mark so on a normal course it would have been 3 or 4 seconds faster, also that course, though it changes a bit every year, down at rhody is always slow, it looks fast and flat but it is always deceiving in that way. The race on friday was faster on a course that was probably about the same speed give or take as rhody but I was real frustrated with it because I didn't stay tough. I got right into the lead pack of 15 or so off the gun and ran a 4:30 on the uphill first mile then handled the turn around and a tough little uphill in the second mile and was dropped off the disintegrating pack but only a second or so from the next guy up and 6 or so off Nyariki in the lead. But I just gave up and didn't push in. If I had I think I would have caught 6th and 7th. That would have given me a 14:0's time and got me Pat Cheriuyot's scalp, he ran 45:00 for 10 miles this may at broad st. thats the fastest time ever run on american soil. So though it was the faster race I got less out of myself and so found it disappointing. Still both races were better then last week.


Mario said...


Re-discovered your log. Glad to see you healthy and posting your training again. Your return from mono has been impressive. Keep up the good work.


mpdriscoll said...

Nice run at Moonlight. I ran it as well but I didn't get a chance to say hello. Keep up the great work.

-Mark Driscoll

Ruben said...

finally i have found nate's new hiding spot on the web. no wonder u havent been updating jaysonjo.