Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Training log June 18 to 24

Monday Early PM woods 9, 59:05, easy tot. 9
PM woods 5 shakeout w/ Gary, 35:09 tot. 9

Tuesday AM 4.5 w/up 36 mins, couple of strides, 17k on tewksbury track at 95% goal mp,
54:38(major splits 16:10 5k, 32:12 10k, 48:13 15k, 51:26 10m, 4.5 cool down
34:22 tot. 20
PM 45:47 w/ shannon at mines falls tot. 5

Wednesday PM woods 20 easy, 2:15:25 tot. 20

Thursday AM woods 9, 1:00:03, solo, full drills after tot. 9
PM duff five plus shakeout, 38:39, tot. 5+

Friday AM Duff five plus shakeout, 5+, 39:38 tot. 5
PM 5k plus w/up, strides ect... race andover days 5k, rolling loop course, 1st place cr,
14:31 (splits 4:48.9, 9:39.8(4:50.9), 14:09.5(4:29.7)) 3+ cool down tot. 10

Saturday PM trail 1:00:53 at Quabin res. solo easy tot. 9

Sunday AM rd. and trail 22 in tewks, 2:30:52, ran easy then did last mile at mp or so, 5:03

Summary 119 miles for the week. One good but not great workout and one good race. I really wanted to go 20k for the tempo run but muscularly it got real tough. Aerobically it felt real good. I was happy with the race.

Quote of the week "It would be absurd if we did not understand both angels and devils, since we invented them. "
John Steinbeck, East of Eden, Chapter 13, Part II

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Virginia said...

Keep up the good work.