Sunday, July 29, 2007

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ok so i'm moving my blog again this time to I'm going to do a full post for it tomorrow for that site but i'm not sure how long it will take to get up so i'll put this past week up below(no quotes or extra's though) and a full post on trackshark. thanks for checking in and I hope that this trackshark thing will workout, if not I'll be back here at a later date I guess.

training July 23 to 29

Monday AM got ART and chiro adjustment
PM rd. 20 at roughly 80% marathon pace, first 10, w/ garcia on methuen road loop and second 10 on lake loop 10 solo, 1:56:28, hamstring was bad need to see someone better about this tot. 20

Tuesday AM 9 solo at mines falls, easy, 59:11 tot. 9
PM 8 shakeout w/ shannon at mines falls, started w/ uml crew tot. 8
XT 2x50m springing, 2x50m bounding, 5x50m str. leg bounding after shakeout

Wednesday AM 3 w/up 20k on tewks track at bit faster then 90% mp, 1:07:38 (34:00 at 10k),
it was pretty warm out, 1 and a half miles w/down tot. 17
2PM 19min w/up 12x15 second hills at christian hill in lowell, 19 min w/down tot. 8
6pm 5+ shakeout w/ shannon on tewks trails tot. 5

Thursday AM rd. and trail 9 solo in tewks, 1:01:02 tot. 9
PM duff 5 w/ gary, 36:22, bunch of bounding stuff, duff 5 solo, 34:45 tot. 10
XT 2x70 m springing, 2x70m bounding, 5x70m str. leg bounding, 2x hill springing,
2x hill bounding

Friday AM rd. and trail 9 in tewks solo, 1:01:24, tot. 9
PM trail 10 shake in tewks, first 5 w/ shannon, 1:20:54 tot. 10

Saturday AM workout in Keene, nh w/ Mark Miller, josh ferenc, w/up w/ Mary Proulx, shannon and Mary's coach who I thought was named chris anderson?? but shannon says was named eric something so did not do a good job on that. w/up little less then 3 miles did strides and a 200 in 35 to loosen up then did threshold on the track alt leads between me josh and mark every 800m josh stayed up just past 2 miles, mark stayed up till he kicked by me w/ 1 lap to 8k which is how far he wanted to go, he ran a bit under 24:00, I went 10k in 30:05.8 josh and mark jumped back in w/ 800 to go, mark stayed in 400, josh the full 800 splits(3:00.3, 6:00.3(3:00.0), 8:59.4(2:59.4), 12:01.8(3:02.4), 15:01.9(3:00.2), 18:03.4(3:01.5), 21:02.8(2:59.4), 24:03.2(3:00.4), 27:06.2(3:03.0), 30:05.8(2:59.6)) rained pretty good the whole time, we ran on the monadnock hs track, very new very nice, honestly felt pretty good through 8k but like shit after that. i'm happy with the workout but not thrilled. 27:28 c/down tot. 12+
PM in keene still, little less then 3 w/up, 15x13 second hills, little less then 3 c/down(w/up and c/down w/ mark miller) 1:00:24 total running time tot.8-

Sunday AM rd. and trail 27 easy in tewks, 3:03:05, took water because it was warm (84) and a bit humid, tot. 27
PM rd. 5+ shakeout, first 3 w/ shannon (43:47) tot. 5

Summary 157 miles for the week, good week, got lucky on the weather for the most part, got 3 good efforts and a lot of real good muscular work for the legs. I'm worried about that during the 20k tempo I never breathed heavy at all felt great from the waist up but man after 12 or 13k my legs were heavy as hell and just exhausted. ok see you at

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