Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Training July 9 to 15

Monday AM 45:05 solo at Maudsley state park in the rain, great run, tot. 6+
PM 46:10 in tewks tot. 6
Got ART and chiro treatment done in am

Tuesday AM rd. 9+ solo, 1:02:57, tot. 9
PM rd. 8 shakeout solo, 59:57, still real sore from race tot. 8

Wednesday AM rd. 9+ solo, 1:03:08, full drills and straight leg bounds after tot.9
PM trail 10 shakeout in tewks, tot. 10

Thursday AM 26 solo and easy at mines falls, very hungry and thirsty, 2:58:16 tot. 26

Friday AM rd. 9+, 1:01:16, easy tot. 9
PM rd. 10 solo shakeout, full drills and straight leg bounds after tot. 10

Saturday AM at mines falls, 23:45 w/up, progression run, 8 loops (maybe 1500m each) 5:20,
5:10(10:30), 5:05(15:36), 4:52(20:28), 4:47(25:16), 4:43(29:59), 4:39(34:38),
4:34(39:13), 15:16 c/down great workout very happy with it and the loop i used, i
had two sharp turns and two light uphills and down hills exactly what I was lookin
for tot. 12
PM 10 shakeout in boston, mostly on boston common, 1:17:27, very repetitive tot. 10

Sunday AM rd. and trail 25 easy, 2:53:30, in tewks, very hot and I did get dehydrated I need to
find a way to take water even on some of these easy runs tot. 25

Summary 140 miles for the week 1 good workout, it took a lot to recover from the hills of utica but I was feeling better finally by friday I was happy with the workout on saturday it wasn't that fast but it was a great effort and I paced it right so that I was able to go a bit quicker on every one. I think that I'm pretty fit but not as fit as I had hoped if I had to guess i'm in about 1:04 half marathon shape on a perfectly flat course right now and I would struggle to run within 5% of that pace for the marathon so what this summer has to be about is getting into shape to run sub 60 at the new haven 20k(equal to a 1:03:20 half) which is a fair but not perfectly flat course. From there I can focus on being marathon ready and ready for the tough central park course for the trials.

Quote of the week "Make up your mind to act decidedly and take the consequences. No good is ever done in this world by hesitation." Thomas H. Huxley English biologist (1825 - 1895)


Matt said...

Nate - awesome training week! Good inspiration for my running. Keep up the great work!

Ruben said...

wow thats a great progression run nate. keep up the good work.