Monday, July 9, 2007

training July 2 to 9

Monday PM rd. 9 easy w/ Gary, Ruben, Garcia, 1:01:26, strides after tot. 10
XT hamstring exercises

Tuesday AM 33:45 in Acton w/ Kara Haas tot. 4.5
PM 40:10 in tewksbury w/ shannon, drills after tot. 5 plus
XT full drills

Wednesday AM 3+ w/up strides ect.. race john carson 2 mile in chelmsford, 2nd place 9:05(Pat
Tarpy 1st, 8:50 cr) Dylan Wylkes 3rd, splits (2:12, 4:34, 6:46(2:12), 9:05(4:3
(2:19) happy with race over all its a tough little course I had hoped to run
under the cr of 8:57 but I think that was a bridge to far. 40 minute cool down
tot. 11

Thursday Noon 7 at mines falls easy 45:34 tot. 7

Friday AM 6+ easy miles in tewks solo, 45:12 tot. 6+
PM 32:50 easy in Utica Ny strides after tot. 5+

Saturday AM 39:47 easy in Utica, drills after tot. 5+
XT full drills

Sunday 4am 2 mile shakeout, 15:49 tot. 2
7am 20 min w/up strides ect.. race Utica Boilermaker 15k 13th place, 1st american
46:22, splits (5k15:36) (10k30:31) miles (5:01, 9:55(4:54), 15:00(5:05), 20:1
(5:14), 24:37(4:22), 29:25(4:47), 34:42(5:17), 39:31(4:49), 44:46(5:15), way
tougher course then I thought it would be, 19:39 c/down tot. 15
6pm 3+ shakeout w/shannon, 26:59 tot. 3

Summary 73 miles for the week, two good races. I really wanted to be top 10 at Boilermaker and I think I could have been if I had done more progression runs and been strong enough to really roll into the finish I didn't get passed over the last few miles but I didn't pass anyone either. The big thing is the boilermaker itself I've done a few races and I'm telling you this is what road running should be. I have never seen crowds like this ever. It is just awesome and the after party makes any other post race party look like something in a nursing home. This race is what I imagine the 80's road race scene to have been like.

Quote of the week "free beer two miles" sign held by a fat guy at at little after the 7 mile mark of the boilermaker.


Mario said...

Great race Nate, keep up the good work.

Matt said...

Nate, great race in Utica yesterday! Congratulations! I enjoyed that race as well.

Ruben said...

nice job Nate