Sunday, September 11, 2016

Training September 5 to 11, 2016

Monday noon 3.1 around the neighborhood doing jog 7mins walk 1min. 20:05

Tuesday 3:30pm cross training with Anna
                6pm 3.1 around the neighborhood doing jog 8 walk 1min, 20:52

Wednesday PM 9.25 miles of 7mins jog, walk 1min, in 1:01:55

Thursday PM 3.1 around the neighborhood, jogged 9mins walked a minute, jogged the rest, 20:36

Friday off

Saturday AM something around 9miles around Shed park in Lowell while Melissa worked out with Anna, 1:02:05

Sunday 1PM 22:14 easy around phillips fields with Melissa and Uta, then drills, then 6x100m aiming for 20 seconds focus on good form and feeling easy, 18.6 for the first one then between 18.9 and 19.7 for the rest. total about 4 miles

4PM bikram yoga

Summary just over 30 miles for the week nothing flashy… did cross training exercises as well.  Long way to go. Hope you're well and your running is going better than mine.

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