Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekly training blog September 18 to 25, 2016

Monday PM 10k in 48mins with Melissa and Uta

Tuesday Off

Wednesday 6PM 10k in 42:05

Thursday 3:30pm Exercises, drills and massage with Anna
                 6:30PM 4miles in 26:15

Friday 6PM 5 mile vermont loop, 33:23, drills-13mins, 8x20 second strides with jog back rests

Saturday PM 4.2 miles around fields at Phillips, some with Uta

Sunday AM 15min warm up, light drills, couple strides, Race Lone Gull 10k (USATF-NE championships) CMS needed a 5th man and I needed a baseline for my fitness…  I finished 29th in 32:36. I'm certain that is my worst finish at a Grand Prix..  That said I would have been happy with it during my time as an Undergrad.  It isn't pretty but it isn't the worst I thought I could run.
Splits 5:15, 10:33, 15:37, 20:54, 26:02, 31:24.  no cool down already my longest steady run tot. 8.5
PM 90mins Bikram yoga

Summary 35 miles or so.  So I have my base fitness.  Now it is time to improve on it.  No small way to go but it could be worse. Hope your running is going well.


Tim said...

Thanks for sharing!

Tim said...

Thanks for sharing!