Monday, September 5, 2016

Training August 29 to September 4, 2016.

Monday PM 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 5mins run to 1min walk. 21:35. Drills after.

Tuesday PM 9.1 miles of 5mins run to 1 min walk, 1:03:02

Wednesday PM 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 5mins run to 1min walk, 21:07. Drills after.

Thursday PM 9.1 miles of 6mins run to 1min walk, 1:00:02.

Friday AM bikram yoga for 90mins.

Saturday mid day- 3.1 miles around neighborhood of 6mins run to 1min walk in 19:46

Sunday AM 9.25 miles of 7mins run to 1min walk in 1:02:34. drills after

Summary 36.7 miles.  This is one slow build up.  Stress fracture leg feels fine. Basically my form is very different after all the weeks of exercises so I'm being very careful coming back to avoid any more issues, hopefully…  Other than that just continuing with the daily exercises and settling back into working.   Hope you are training better than me!


Jeff said...

Hey Nate! Sorry to hear about your stress fracture! I've had quite the year battling numerous injuries. Most recently, I've been dealing with a tightness/weakness in my right hip/piriformis/glute medius...hard to explain, but it seizes up about 20-30 minutes into my runs. I've tried a bunch of different strengthening exercises, but nothing seems to help. Any thoughts on what this might be and how I can relieve this? Thanks!

Nate Jenkins said...

Sounds like something isn't firing or isn't firing in order. Maybe t.f.l. or maybe the glute itself. I would see a good physical therapist or other good practitioner who specializes in muscle functioning. if exercises aren't helping chances are your not getting the right muscles to fire while your doing the exercises. If you are in MA I can give you some names of who I would suggest.

Philip Hantschk said...

Great to see you back running. Take it easy!

Jeff said...

Thanks, Nate. Yes, I'm in MA. Any pointers would be great!

Nate Jenkins said...

Wakefield Wellness on north street in Wakefield. That is who I would go to. It's an acupuncture clinic but they do so much more.