Sunday, June 18, 2017

Training Blog June 12 to 18, 2017

Monday off- kids had a cruise after school as a field trip and knowing I had a long couple days I decided to sleep in to 5:50 and skip the AM run as well.  Got home about midnight.  There was a time but I'm not fit enough for that sort of crazy shit at the moment.

Tuesday  Kids had another field trip so I spent 8 hours outside in the 90 degree sun, lot of fun but I was pretty zonked
              PM 5 miles with Melissa in 44:47 we were crawling and I wasn't complaining!

Wednesday PM 10.1 around Phillips, first 1.5 with Melissa then solo, 1:10:36

Thursday PM 6 miles on road with Uta in 39:27

Friday PM 3 miles with Melissa and Uta in the rain, just exhausted at the end of a long week and decided to take it easy, 22:12

Saturday PM 6 miles on road with Uta, 38:40

Sunday AM 2 plus warm up with Melissa, some strides, race Ribfest 5 mile, USATF-NE championship, 12th place, 25:55, humid.  was 15:41 at 5k which is about equal to the race I ran a travs trail a few weeks back so a decent step in the right direction.  The last 3k sucked, 10:05, but it had a long gradual uphill that caused everyone to slow, leaders ran around 9:25, and I was pretty done with the humidity.   Not what I had hoped for looking at things as I started running a couple months ago but given how little I have done, really just some jogging around, I'll take it. 3 mile cool down with Melissa in 25mins tot. 11

Summary 42 miles, one race.  My last day of school is Tuesday so I'm really hoping to get back in the game over the next couple of weeks. I feel pretty good and if I come out of the race ok I should be good for a jump up in miles.  I'd love to be around 60 this week but even more I would love to start doing a little training and not just jogging.

This is the sweet Millennium Running grilling spatula I one for my age graded performance. I didn't own one and I do want one so that made this a pretty awesome prize.  I have to hand it to John Mortimer it was a heck of nice event and there were a lot of really neat details.  


Jim said...

Do you stay on a 7 day schedule even when not in school?

Nate Jenkins said...

Jim- I don't really use a 7 day cycle in general, if I'm writing the schedule, I do often experiment with using schedules from many sources. I just post blogs every 7 days. I tend to work in either 14 or 21 day cycles. At times when my fitness is abnormal. IE I'm either much fitter then I have been for most of my training history or, as I am now, I'm much less fit then I have been for most of my training history I work in flexible cycles. By that I mean I lay out a collection of workouts I want to do and an order I want to do them in but between these workouts I just take as many recovery days as I need before running the next workout. It may be a day or five. So let say I set of a cycle of 9 workouts. It I might finish it as quickly as 18 days but it may take much much longer.
Now I also sometimes work in overlapping cycles. Meaning I alternate hard/easy on two day cycles. Next I might be cycling my tempo workout weekly, my speed workout every 5 days, my race speed work bi weekly and my long run tri-weekly. This happens when I notice that my fitness is not well balanced and I know I need to improve more, ie do more work on, one area or another.