Sunday, June 11, 2017

Training Blog June 5 to 11, 2017

Monday Off had some calf soreness and it had been 16 days since my last day off so I decided this was a good spot for an off day.  In terms of the calf it was a perfect choice in terms of how the week went overall I would have liked to have taken a day later in the week.

Tuesday developed a wicked sore thoat over the course of the day.
                PM 9.1 at Phillips with Uta in a cold rain- actually wore a hat and gloves.  1:00:14

Wednesday sore throat has expanded to a running nose and some head congestion.
                  PM 6miles on road solo, in a reverse from yesterday it was a bit hot to bring Uta, 37:32

Thursday sore throat better but congestion much worse, head feels like it is in a cloud, tons of crap coming out of nose and chest.
                 PM road 5 with Uta, 31:47

Friday about the same as Yesterday
               PM road 8.2, 51:25, this was not the best run, I felt like crap, I had some coordination issues and just generally didn't enjoy myself.

Saturday AM road 7, first 3 with Uta, dropped her off then ran solo, 46:36, feeling improved to day, not great but I slept around 12 hours and the chest congestion is largely gone and my nose isn't producing nearly as much shit.

Sunday Noon 11 miles around Phillips, very hot, struggled, 1:11:51.

Summary 46 miles for the week.  I got a head cold, which wasn't that great.  I have a standing rule that I don't do speed when I have a head cold because it pretty much always causes it to turn into bronchitis which seems to never die.   I'm starting to feel better this afternoon so hopefully back to moving forward this week.
  I was able to improve the calf a lot which feels great now and I did increase the short day and the long run so not a lost week but obviously not what I had hoped for.
  This week I have tomorrow planned as an off day.  I don't feel I need it physically but my kids have a field trip that means my day will be out the door a bit before 7am and home around midnight.  I  could do an AM run but I don't think that would be a great set up for the rest of the week given that I obviously won't be getting that much sleep Monday night and I don't hold up that well over the week after a couple of nights of short sleep.
  I'm also racing again this week to help round out the CMS team for the USATF-NE 5 mile champs.  It is also a chance to take a dip stick on the fitness.  We'll see what the weather looks like but the course is New England flat so if it isn't super hot I'd like to try and slip under 25:00 but given how little I have done that is probably a very tall order.


Double said...

What does moneghetti fartlek involve? Sounds like a benchmark type workout of sorts. Do you incorporate it at anytime in your training?

Double said...

I found your post a couple years ago on the fartlek question. Good stuff.

Danny said...

"To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness"
Bertrand Russell

This quote came to mind when I read this weeks summary of your training. I wish I could be more like you and except not being able to run with such easiness Nate. I know my kids would appreciate it. My 15 year old daughter says " oh no, dads hurt again, he's gonna be big grouch like when he has low blood sugar." ;)


Nate Jenkins said...

Lot easier to say the right thing in a blog than to live it. Melissa basically wants to kick me out whenever I'm not running.
That said as long as I'm running I'm ok even if I'm running like shit or only sort of running.