Sunday, September 24, 2017

Training Blog September 18 to 24, 2017

Monday AM 4 miles with Uta, 30:57
PM road 5, 33:52, this was all I had time for before seeing Anna for some circuits and massage

Tuesday AM 4 miles with Uta, 30:37
PM 3 warm up, drills and strides, Mona Fartlek,, on my normal loop.  Covered 3.76 miles which isn't good but isn't awful 2.6 cool down, forgot that I needed to do a loop of side neighborhood to make the cool down 3 and wasn't going to add on once I got home.

Wednesday PM 15.3 miles in 1:47.  I have class after school on Wendnesdays so this run goes pretty late.  Nothing like finishing a run around 9pm knowing you'll be up before 5am for the next one...

Thursday AM 4 miles with Uta in 29:50
PM 3 mile warm up, drills, strides, 15x200 avg. 31.0 with 200 jogs, in around 65 for recovery. 3 mile cool down.  I have rarely felt as shitty for a workout.  Not very fun.  I also had a flat tire waiting for me at my car so that added to my enjoyment of this session.

Friday AM 4 with Uta, 30:08, crazy tired.
PM 10.6 at Phillips, first 6 with Melissa and Uta, took it very easy, 1:23.

Saturday AM road 8.1 with Uta, 55mins
PM 8 miles, first 5 with Melissa, 59:06.

Sunday AM 3 plus warm up, drills, strides, 30 second hard effort.  Race Lone Gull 10k, USATF-NE championship, very strong field including at least 5 guys other than myself who have sub 65 half marathon pb's. It was also hot, around 80.  finished 11th in 31:13, very nice step in the right direction. Pack went out slow so I hung onto the back of the lead group of around 25 in 4:56, stayed on the back of the pack as it steadily got smaller and ran 5:01 for the second mile, the third mile was much the same but I was a bit worried because I was starting to feel ragged at the end of it but we had actually picked it up and I ran a 4:48 so that got me pretty pumped up.  I fell off the pack as they drove on and I ran a 5:08.  I passed two more guys though.  I tried to go after three more guys who had come off the lead pack and managed a 5:00 but I wasn't able to run them down.  I ran another 5:08 for the 6th mile which finishes at the crest of a decent sized hill and I was finished.  The last quarter was a struggle!
  8 mile cool down with Ruben after.

Summary 103 miles for the week, two moderate workouts, one decent race.  For those not reading between the lines.  I had been a bit anemic at the end of summer.  I don't take feosol any more because my stomach can't handle it.  I take a food based supplement Melissa found that works and doesn't bother my stomach called ferrofood by standard process.  I starting taking the iron and it helped right away but I thought I had two bottles.  Well at the start of last week I ran out of bottle one only to realize I was mistaken.  Standard process sends out all orders on Monday so basically we ordered it but it didn't come in until Friday of this week.  In the intervening time I have been getting a bit more run down each day.  My resting hr was up about 10 bpm and my heart rate on runs has been through the roof. I took as much of the ferrofood as I dared on Saturday and just hoped that it would help a bit.  I was honestly afraid after how I ran on Friday and Saturday and I was going to struggle to run 33 at Lone Gull.   The heat in the morning did nothing to assuage those fears.  However the difference in how easy the first mile in 4:56 felt compared with the much more downhill 4:51 last weekend told me right off the iron had kicked in at least a little.  I was very surprised I didn't blow up in the second half but obviously in a good way.

 Hope you are running well.  Oh and for those who want to order some rabbit gear 10% off link below.


Jim Curtis said...

Nate - Do you anticipate taking another shot at the marathon anytime in the next 6-12 months? If so, any idea which race?

Nate Jenkins said...

Jim- I'm sort of stuck with the coordination. It is improved from how it once was and I'm able to do a lot in training with some work arounds but right now I'm not able to hold it for anything near a marathon at a good pace on pavement. I'm still working to fix it and I am always hopeful but I'm not going to attempt any more long races until I see a lot more improvement in the coordination.