Sunday, September 3, 2017

Weekly Training Blog August 28 to September 3, 2017

Monday AM road 5 with Uta, 37:22, back to work this week so this was at 5am.
PM road 10, 1:08:43

Tuesday PM it was the first day with the kids and we had an Open house so I tried to sneak in a workout after school before that.  It was a screw up from jump street.  First I should have known I would be hurting after the first day with the kids, then I didn't drink any water all day as I was running around and that got missed. Anyway 3 mile warm up, drills, strides and a 200 in 32.8 which didn't feel good, then attempted Aussie quarters, aiming for 45 recoveries and 68 efforts ran two 43/68.0/46/68.8 and I was already hurting and called it rather than put myself in a hole.  Ran back to school and went out to dinner with the other teachers...  Not my proudest day

Wednesday PM road 10, 1:07:25, felt perhaps even shittier than yesterday.  Felt like I wanted to stop and take a nap from the gun

Thursday AM road 4 with Uta, 29:10
PM road 10, 1:04:06

Friday -No school- AM at Phillips, 3+ warm up, drills, strides, 200m in 31 and a 600 jog. felt good, a couple of the strides were in the 14.1 range, now there was a strong tailwind but my fastest 100 ever is a 13.9 or so and that was during an actual hurricane so you can imagine that tailwind.  5x2k running each rep as alternations running the just under 70 and then about 80 for the laps.  4mins recovery with a 400 meter jog.  6:08, 6:07, 6:08, 6:08, 6:07 for the 2ks.  Very windy.  Honestly I'm happy with the workout as run but given the wind it was actually much better than it looks. 3.5 cool down.
late AM Anna for massage
PM 3.5 miles with Uta and Melissa, her first run back as she recovers from Lyme.

Saturday AM road 8.2, 54:21, not as sore as I expected after yesterday.
PM road 8.1 with Uta, 54:41

Sunday AM road 6, 40:35
PM road 10, 1:03:12

Summary around 97 miles for the week. only one decent workout but the first week of school is always a shit show so I'll take it.   I have another short week next week with only 4 days and then it will be full weeks for a while.  Starting to race back into shape this coming week with the GBTC xc meet.  Then Cow harbor the following week.

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