Monday, October 9, 2017

Training Blog October 2 to 8, 2017

Monday AM 4 miles with Uta in 30:38
PM road 10, 1:09:12.  After 5 miles the hip kept locking up and I would stop and stretch and go about a mile and repeat the lock up/stretch thing.  So this is a bit worse then it was last week...

Tuesday AM 5 miles with Melissa and Uta, 39:18
PM 3 miles in Lowell, all I had time for
After the 3 miles I got a massage from Anna, very painful.

Wednesday PM 6 miles solo, 45:20, this seems to be about as far as I can go without the hip locking up

Thursday AM 4 with Uta, 29:25
PM 6 solo, 40:19

Friday AM 5.7 with Melissa and Uta, 45:23
PM 6 miles solo, 40:23

Saturday AM 5.1 with Melissa and Uta, 40:23
PM 6.2 solo, 42:23

Sunday AM 5k warm up with dj, light light drills, light strides, Race Wayland xc 5k 4th place 16:03, made a move with a bit under a mile to go and felt real strong but couldn't really find another gear only maybe went from 5:0's pace to high 4:50's pace so the field came back by me in the last 400m or so.  Better than last week when I didn't even make the push.  Also not bad considering the hip which wasn't an issue in the race physically but I was worried about it.  5k cool down with DJ.
Shot from the race bit before the mile.  This pic and the next two are all by Tom Derderian.

Summary Not really sure what is up with the hip.  I know how I hurt it obviously but it just won't let go.  I have been doing a ton of mobility and mashing and it loosens up but then the results on the run seem to be exactly the same.  I have also been doing a bunch of feldenkrais to touch up the form which also hasn't helped.   I can't seem to pin down the source of the problem which is concerning.  Hopefully it will come around this week.  Of course where there is pain both front and back it could be a stress fracture of the pelvis like I had on the other side 18 months back.  In case that is the case I am going to do the minimum in terms of running fast and I'm not going to push the distance past when it locks up.  I also will avoid taking any days off because when I have done that with stress fractures in the past it seems the muscles let go a bit and it becomes crazy painful to run on them and I don't want that either.  I'll also start drinking bone broth daily.  Hopefully it is just muscular and the continued daily body work and feldenkrais will get me right sooner rather than later.  If not I can sneak in 10 to 12 miles a day and try to stay reasonably fit that way until it comes around....

Form looks pretty decent so I'm not sure what is going wrong but something isn't right...


Jacob said...

Avoid taking days off with a stress fracture and "sneak in" 10-12 miles a day? Isn't rest really the only way to heal a stress fracture?

Unknown said...

Hope it’s not a labrum issue, go see a PT if you can, they can do some test to figure out what exactly the issue is.

Nate Jenkins said...

Jacob- If pounding caused it then yes every step would be a bad idea. If it is a stress fracture then it was caused by the muscles pulling off the bone and as long as they are back to normal it will heal, albeit more slowly, even if I'm running. Many many people including myself have trained through stress fractures. It isn't a great idea but if you are careful or lucky it can work.

Unknown- I actually didn't think of that and what a nightmare scenerio that is. Labrum surgery is not something I even want to think about...