Monday, October 16, 2017

Training Blog October 9 to 15, 2017

Monday AM 6 miles 41:39
               PM massage for hip.

Tuesday AM 5 with Melissa and Uta, 42:24
PM 6 in 40:20

Wednesday AM 4 with Uta in 30:16

Thursday AM 4 with Uta, 29:18

Friday PM at Phillips with Melissa and Uta, 41:21

Saturday AM 4.3 with Melissa, 34:20

Sunday PM 4.5 miles pacing Melissa through the last bit of her longest run ever, 19 miles, 34:58

Summary Hip is about the same which is to say not so great.  Feels fine for 4 or 5 miles then gets tight and locks up.  I don't really know what is going on.  I did get a basic hip eval and it seems to be totally ok.  So I shouldn't have a labral tear.  I still may end up getting an MRI down the line to be sure.  My money is a stress fracture in something not weight bearing but regardless my plan is light running until it improves.

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