Sunday, October 29, 2017

Training Blog October 23 to 29, 2017

Monday AM road 4 with Uta, in 30:22

Tuesday AM road 4 with Uta, in 28:00
PM 4 miles with Uta in 25mins then strides

Wednesday PM 4 miles in 27:27, attempted a fartlek but after the first effort the hip didn't feel so hot so I just took it easy the rest of the way

Thursday PM 4 miles with Uta in 25:27

Friday AM 5 miles with Melissa and Uta in 39:04
PM road 4 with Uta, 25:20

Saturday AM 3.5 miles with Melissa and Uta, 28:23
PM 4 miles solo 26:03

Sunday PM 4 miles with Uta, 27:33

Summary so last Sunday turned out to be really stupid and set me back a good bit.  I'm hopeful to be back to sneaking in some quality this week but not certain at all.  If it is a stress fracture I basically set myself back to start by being stubborn when it started barking last Sunday.  So we'll see how this week goes.  It got a bit better towards the end of last week. I also have a doctors appointment coming up and can get some more info then.   Other than that just doing a lot of body work and some lifting and trying to stay the course.

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