Sunday, July 22, 2018

Training Blog July 16 to 22

  Another moderate step forward this week.  Seeing big gains in what I am able and allowed to do in the PT exercises.  Still very mild bits of running but it feels smoother and more natural.  I can still tell I'm not ready for real "runs" and that sort of thing but it is really nice to be getting in a bit of it and seeing some progress.  I'm still walking 5 to 7 miles a day and trying to be as generally active as I can be.  Which translates into my garmin telling me I'm getting 16k to 22K steps and burning 4000 to 5500 calories most days. I didn't get on a scale this week so I don't know how the wieght is coming but I'm going to try and get on one towards the end of next week and I'd like to be south of 175 but at this point I'm not putting much into the wieght loss other than trying to be active.  If I can be under 170 when I start real running in October that is more than fine anything lower than that is frosting.

Monday No running

Tuesday 4x2mins with 1min walk breaks on the track, did a 1.5 mile walk before and after this.  Covered 1.5 miles during the run walk portion as well.

Wednesday No running- did have PT and was able to add some speed latter exercises.

Thursday again did 1.5 mile walk warm up, then some light exercises, then did a 200m light jog, and a 200m walk.  then 6x100m strides with 100m walk recoveries.  100m strides were in 19, 18, 18, 18, 17, 17.  Walk recoveries were pretty much all 59 seconds. and as usual 1.5 mile walk after.

Friday No running

Saturday per the usual a 1.5 mile walk warm up but I was tight on time so after I only walked about a quarter mile back to the car.  On the track I did 4x3mins with 1min walk recoveries and I covered just over 2 miles.  The rest of the day was set up for and then participation in a Baby shower/cookout which was a ton of fun.

Sunday No running today.  I've done one walk so far and will sneak out for a 2nd this along with the other no running days is also the day I do a lot of PT exercises.  Say about 30mins which leaves the glute med quite tired.

  Hope you had a great week and your running more than me!

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