Sunday, July 8, 2018

First Bit of Running!

  On Saturday I was able to go out and try to jog for the first time.  I did 4x30 seconds with 1min walk recoveries. I have to keep it very flat and avoid any poor footing so I went to the track.  The first rep felt a little rough particularly in the glute max, I had surgery on the glute med. so that was ok.  On the following reps I settled into a more natural stride and did a better job of having a bit of a natural lean forward and the glute felt totally fine.  I did have some very noticable tightness in the I.T. band but overall I was very happy.

  I expected to end up sore from the little bit of running but I actually am more sore the days after I do my hip hikes so that was a very nice surprise.  My only concern is that I'm not getting great pronation on that foot but it was just the first little bit of jogging and I have a LOT of rehab to do before I'll be doing any real running so I'm a long way from being freaked out about that it is just a heads up that I need to put some time into my ankle range of motion and get that I.T. band loosened up.  On the plus side the list of what I'm allowed to do for rehab greatly expands this week so I have a lot more options for attacking those two things. 

  I'm a long way from regular running which I hope to start in 12 weeks but I've taken the next real big step in that direction. I fully expect some set backs in the next few weeks but I'm pumped about how the first little bit went.

  The other check in I got this week was on wieght.  I don't own a scale so I very rarely wiegh myself.   About 6 weeks ago I did wiegh myself and I was 187lbs.  That is equal to about the heaviest I have ever been.  Now I have been in the 185lb range a number of times over the years.  Mostly during college when I was having injury trouble.  I consider race wieght to be 162lbs though I'm rarely that light.  Generally my "normal wieght" range is 167lbs to 177lbs and I'm fine starting real running anywhere in that range.  I have been able to get active enough the last two weeks to feel like I was hopefully starting to cut into the extra wieght.  At the end of a cookout, not ideal wiegh in time, I was able to use a scale at my in-laws house and came in at 182.  Five pounds in the right direction.  Still very heavy but also moving in the right direction. 

  Now full discloser I'm not doing much to lose wieght other than exercising more.  Melissa was laughing at me the other night because I was complaining about being fat while eating a hersey bar.  Generally I eat a lot of good for you food but I do sneak some junk here or there.  I certainly am not dieting. However if I'm still heavy when it comes time to start running for real I would consider it as it would be very tough on the muscles to run any volume at over 180lbs.

  Hope you are well! 

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