Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I'm Coaching Again!

  I have joined Ruben Sanca's team at  I have been doing a little online coaching and this will enable me to handle more athletes and to a full spectrum of plans from ready made to the full service online coaching I currently do as well as everything in between.  Additionally Ruben has built up a whole system that from my end makes the work a lot easier and quicker, hence why I'll be able to handle more people, but also adds a lot of features and functionality for athletes.  There is a news letter, a private facebook group, youtube page etc..   This is the sort of thing I have wanted to put together myself but never had the time or expertise to do. 

  For me I'm really excited for this because I have really enjoyed this kind of coaching in the past and I have enjoyed the little bit I have been able to do on my own the last couple years but I haven't wanted to go back to doing it with some of the other groups I worked for mostly because I couldn't handle the volume that they need from a coach.  There are some great set ups for the full time athlete but for a fulltime teacher not so much.  If you are interested in personal coaching, by me or any of the other coaches, you can go to the link below.  I haven't created any of the pre-made schedules yet but I plan to steadily build up a library of those over the next year.  I would like to create a series of summer schedules of all levels of high school and college athletes.  Additionally I want to do schedules that are tied to all of the training systems that I discuss on here, Canova, Vigil, Aussie styles for many different race distances and levels.  So if that sort of thing interests you keep checking in.


Jacob said...

Hey Nate, were you able to get your sub 15 5K before the end of 2018?

Nate Jenkins said...

Nope. I ran 15:46 in late October. I am in better shape now but not by much. I took a crack at it at a weekly series my club puts on on Dec. 29th. It was a bit of a shit show. I was sick and it was very windy. I ran about 4:50 effort into the wind for the first mile and was only at 5:13 and I was FINISHED. I only ran a 5:05 with the wind at my back and then crawled a 5:21 the last mile, small hill and the last 600m were into the wind again. Ended up around 16:20. It was ugly. I finally shook the cold and my workouts have improved a lot in the last couple of weeks but if I had to guess I could maybe run 15:15 to 15:20 right now and if I sharpened up I would be in the low 15's. So long way to go yet but at least the workouts are getting back into the normal range. I did a Moneghetti fartlek on my normal loop about a week ago and ran 3.76 miles and my normal range is 3.75 to 3.9. Under that is awful and over that is exceptional so I'm back in range. Sadly this means both my 5 mile under 25' and my 5k under 15' streaks died this year. -Nate