Sunday, August 12, 2018

Training August 6 to 12, 2018

 Another small step forward this week.  The leg really feels the same to me which is to say, lightly sore and pretty weak.  The thing is objectively I can see that I am doing a lot more.  More PT, more core work, more running.  So I know I'm getting stronger but I think I was expecting it to make a big jump in strength and that hasn't happened.   Instead I seem to be inching along almost inperceptably.  I had a complete nothing day on Tuesday per advise of the PT as I had been getting pretty sore/tired.  It worked really nicely.  I also didn't do a 2nd walk on Sunday.  Other than that I kept to 8 to 10 miles of walking per day and doing about 3 miles of walking around each "run."

Monday 800m jog warm up, 12x100m strides with 100m walk recoveries.  Pretty much in the 17's and 16's.  I dropped one 15.5 and it felt a bit tough on the hip.  I also had PT today.

Tuesday had a ton of fun hanging out at the New England Prep Cross Country Camp at Northfield Mount Hermon.  I go out pretty much every year and I really enjoy it.   I mean who doesn't love cross country camp!

Wednesday 2x12mins on the track with 1min walk recovery.  Went a little over 4 miles which tells you I was moving pretty good.  In fact I felt amazing after my day of doing nothing.

Thursday cross training day.

Friday 800m jog warm up, 6x200m on track with 1min standing rest.  Felt strong and easy running but felt super winded in the first 20 seconds after each rep.  Hip was more tired than I would have liked after this but I'm not scheduled to try this again for almost 2 weeks so that isn't too concerning.  went 36, 35, 35, 34,34,34.  More aiming for 36 so not much pace sense.

Saturday cross training day and dancing at a wedding.

Sunday on Chelmsford rail trail.  15:11 jogging 1min walk then 7mins jogging.  I was very happy with the first 15mins as I was still a bit sore from the 200s.  I was fatigued during the last 3mins of the 7 min stretch but that was too be expected.

  Hope you had a great week and that the running gods are treating you well!

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