Sunday, April 16, 2017

Training Blog April 10 to 16, 2017 Just a lot of Yoga

So I tried running on Wednesday, the leg felt 100% all day so I figured I'd go for a mile or two and see.  It felt fine if a bit weak for the first minute then steadily got a bit worse and by the time I stopped after one short loop of the neighborhood, 3/4 of a mile, it was pretty sore.  Then it felt pretty set back the next day or two.

  These leaves me with two basic theories.  Possibility one is that I have a small tear in the muscle.  Which means I need to wait another week or two and it will come back around.  Just keep up the same treatment.  Possibility two is that I have a fibula stress fracture and I'm feeling referenced pain in the muscle.  I very much doubt this one but perhaps.  This would mean another 3 weeks off and that the extra cross training isn't helping me much.  I can solve this by getting some imaging. I may or may not do that.  There is no real treatment for either.  As such and given that I'm not in love with info for info sake I may just wait and see how it comes along, but I do have this week off from school so I'll end up doing whatever Melissa and Anna think is best.

  Other than the little run I did a good bit of Yoga and cross training.  I went to Bikram on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  My yoga practice is in a good place.  I joke with Anna that if I was paying her for cross training to help my yoga I'd have to give her a raise.

  I've missed enough time that I am going to have to rework my training plans which is very disappointing but that is how the cookie crumbles and one of the great things about New England is there are always other races you can target.

  Hope you're doing better than I and that the weather is as nice where you are as it is here for me.

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jd dundas said...

Sorry to hear about the set back it will get better be patient,
That`s a good sign it felt good all day but just needs more time.
Probably bc it has a small muscle tear.