Sunday, April 9, 2017

Training Blog April 3 to 9, 2007, still banged up.

  Calf was shitty all week. I got a massage on Monday afternoon, tried jogging on Tuesday.  Made it less than a minute and stopped.  It isn't super painful but it gets a bit worse with every stride.  So it would be counter productive to push it.  I went to Yoga on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.  I also got massage and accupuncture on Saturday.  I tried running again this afternoon and again made it about a minute.  I'm doing a good bit of mobility work on it each day at home and overall it feels pretty good. I just have this one crazy knot.
  On the plus side I have been getting caught up on yard work and work work so that is something.  Really hope to get rocking this week.  Hope you are doing better than me.  -Nate