Sunday, April 23, 2017

Weekly training, or not, blog April 16 to 23, 2017

  I went to yoga on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and twice on Sunday.  I saw Anna on Monday and got a massage but she did have me jog for 20 feet or so to see if there was anything glaring wrong with my stride.  The verdict, I'm not extending and I'm not fully pronating but compared to past sins I don't actually look that bad.

  So I was planning on running Friday afternoon but instead I threw my back out doing some weeding in the garden.  It actually wasn't that bad but I wanted to play it safe.  I got up still feeling tight but not too crazy bad on Saturday morning and then when I was eating breakfast it totally spasmed.  As someone who has had low back surgery I have had my fair share of 'throwing the old back out' but this one was a personal worst.  I couldn't believe it.  It was some real pain.  I couldn't move I actually thought I might be stuck on the floor for a long while.

  Now I can't take muscle relaxers because my spine wasn't fused so I needed a fix.  I went to yoga and basically laid in the the hot room for 90% of it and I did a lot of heating and Mckenzie back relaxer exercises and as it slowly loosened up a bit a lot of lacrosse ball massage.  Finally tonight after second yoga I sort of invented a new exercise/lacrosse ball massage movement that got it to let go and I find myself suddenly like 95% better.  I'll probably hold off another day on running because at this point I've missed so much time one more day doesn't really matter but I hopefully good to go.



Danny said...

This short chapter will pass Nate. I wake up monday mornings to read your blog and learn from you. I'm with you all the way.

Danny T

Preston said...

Well hell...
Perhaps it'll given your calf an extra bit of time to get organized.

Ewen said...

Nate, I had a calf injury last year which I thought was a minor tear/strain. In the end it kept me out for 12 weeks because I made a couple of attempts to come back too early and reinjured it. Gradually built up since middle of last year and now back at my pre-injury training/fitness. Hope your injury doesn't take as long but be careful with it.